Day 26 – Life Underground

November 26th, 2007

I wanted to do another piece with the roots as trees in an upside down kind of world. I started by collaging elements (pages of old books, an old bingo board, patterned paper, a bit of map, a bit of music, a photocopied lace pattern, a stencil and pretty, textured blue tissue paper) onto watercolor paper and then painted over it with acrylics. It developed spontaneously and was fun to play with. It's about 9.5"x12.5". Yes, I do love me some trees. And what's better than trees with roots that are also trees? It's a little bit Alice in Wonderland with the mirrored world.

Today was so quiet and gray and the kitties knew just what to do with themselves. They found the cutest snuggliest positions and cuddled up for long luxurious naps. They're so darn cute! At the moment, Sadie is camped out on top of a paper towel (cats love paper in all their forms) and Tabbers is sleeping in the castle. Gah, the cuteness! It was a great day for leftovers and cocoa.

Happy creating! The month is almost done! All you AEDM-ers are doing so great!!

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cats have the best kind of lives – don’t they?!
Love your piece….and it very much reminds me of an Alice in wonderland kind of story…I am amazed with your art…thanks so much for sharing it!!!

I really love this new little series you’re doing. Roots as trees in parallel worlds is always fascinating. It’s also interesting to see the colors that we use when we interpret those other worlds as well.

Wow! i think you are a creative genius. This is wonderful. I have slacked off for awhile, circumstances beyond my control. But I would like to finish the rest of the month. I did pretty good the first 17 days. xoxo Nita

Your artwork is visual folklore and mythology. So rich in imagery, color and form.

i’ve loved all the inspiration from you and your aedm troop. although i intended to be more a part of the action, i have been thinking deeply about my own creativity and how it is a part of my life. thanks for the offering this space for me. i can’t believe the month is almost gone :)

Love this! I love the roots and the birds and the text ooooh la la. :)

This is image is so awesome. I love how you have us look at different facets of life through your images. You remind me that there’s more than one way to look at a situation.

Your work always resonates an otherwordly quality. I am reminded of the myths and lore of the Celts. Magic, magic, everywhere!

Ooh… I love this one too! The colors, the rich play of patterns and the composition… Awesome!

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