Day 27 – Black Bird Forest

November 27th, 2007

This piece is 6"x6" with collaged newspaper, ink and acrylic on a gallery wrapped canvas. Another spontaneous piece, using intuition as my guide. I love how it came out. It would appear that I've got winter on the brain. Winter always brings up this sort of sadness in me. It reminds me that everything dies. I know, sounds kind of morbid, right? But it doesn't have to be. In recent years, I've managed to turn it around to see it as a way to make sure I'm doing what I want to be doing in life (because life is short) and also a good reminder to tell those I love how I feel about them (and show them too.) But that achey sort of sadness still lingers. It's not terrible, it just is.

Fortunately, I'm not stuck in the gray. I laughed many times today with the hubster, at the kitties' antics and I even found the Christmas music blasting in every store I entered to be fun and I sang along. I think it may be time to bring out the decorations and get into that sparkly, twinkle-light mode that makes winter so cozy and delightful. And there must be more cocoa. :-)

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I like this piece a lot too. The Asian writing in the background really gives it a different and unique feel. Besides, I love gray anyway. :-)

I am new to your blog and will have some catching up to do, but I like your art work very much. It has a lot of joy in it. It must be wonderful to be so creative. You are a very lucky person. I am looking forward to seeing more of it and I will look at your older posts too.

Your illustrations come alive in such a wonderful way. Hope you enjoy that cocoa and all the sparklys!

I so love this piece…just amazing….
I could look at it for hours…
Thanks for sharing it

This is such a great piece, wonderfully put together – trees, winter, birds, snow, shivering lady – fabulous!

HI SWEETIE! I’ve been admiring all of your pieces! I can’t believe the month is almost over…WHERE did the time go??? I’ve been completely wiped out and over tired!

Anyhoo…you’ll be hearing from me soon…..

Thanks for the eye feast of scrolling through your post Thanksgiving pictures and posts. Love them all, esp the lady with the long dark hair. The colors in that one. YOu really have stuck to doing something every day whereas I have faltered. But it has been fun seeing everyone’s Flickr posts and your paintings. Love that dog photo too.

I love this!!!

I like to think of winter as a time to reflect and slow down and spend time with myself. I love this painting especially the addition of the Asian characters, I am not sure what language they are. Are they hand drawn or were they a stamp?


I LOVE her pony tail in the air. Great Life in this piece!

Love the Japanese element to this piece!

You brought the song ‘Blackbirds singing in the dead of night…’ into my head.

Very evocative piece….and what would we do without our animals? =]

Thanks for your email, Leah! I’m enjoying looking at your inspiring art works too! They help to motivate me to do more non-digital work :) . I really like this one. It’s so poignant and moody.

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