Day 28 – “Cat Garden”

November 28th, 2007

I drew this first as a little sketch in my sketchbook the other day and decided to do it up in paint and ink today cause I'm feeling especially lovey towards my kitties and also quite sleepy. *yawn*! It's about 8.5"x6" with acrylic and ink on watercolor paper. And that's all I've got today. Sweet dreams.

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Love this one… the colors are fantastic!

Very sweet!

Loved your meme…..I hope you get a chance to hang up your artwork…I have seen setups using fishing line and two eye hooks at the ends of a wall and then paintings and such hanging from the fishing line using clips and such. Instead of using nails to hang up each individual piece of art…hope it works out…
I am with you – loud noises make me crazy…lol…
The kitty above is awesome…but I already told you I think we both share a passion for those kitties…I find something so magical and calming about a cat’s purr..the colors are wonderful and warm…I also went to an art store yesterday…I had to pry myself away after buying a couple of things…I could just go crazy in it!!!
thanks for sharing it all

This is very cute, very animated looking. I love it.

Awwwwwwww. :)

Your art makes me feel so HAPPY!!!

Haven’t you considered illustration as a sideline??

So sweet.

PPPuuuuurrrrrrrr & meow.


Hi Leah,
this kitty is looking so sweet and a bit forlorn, she is waiting for you to take her home so that she can sit on a cosy chair looking in front of the fireplace. I love the colours,

When I see you art work, I get very inspired and want to get out paper and ink myself. One of these days that will actually happen. Just need to get the old self esteem up.

sweeeeeeeet! have you been over to patti’s lately? she is into a major league cat groove.

I LOVE this painting. I love cats, birds and gardening so it has it all. Plus it is painted which I love too. You have a wonderful imagination.

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