Day 29 – Burn Your Toast Rules

November 29th, 2007

This image is for the 37 days project. As I mentioned earlier, Patti, author of the 37 days blog and a future book put out a call for artists to make images to go along with the essays of her book. This one goes along with this essay, which is actually called "Bust Your Toast Rules," not "burn." I totally changed the title. Doh! So, I'll have to fix that tomorrow. I'm working on a few others and I'll probably post those tomorrow. It's 7.5"x10.5" with acrylic and ink on watercolor paper.


Tonight was busy. The hubster and I went to a basketball game with ridiculously good seats. We saw some celebrities which was kind of fun. But we ended up leaving early when the hubster's team (he's from NY) was down by over 40 points. Ouch. I'm super tired. So, good night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!

Update: Playing with photoshop, I was able to finagle the proper letters into place. Ha! Thank goodness. I'll scan it at a high dpi tomorrow and do this with photoshop again. Big sigh of relief from me. Making this was time consuming and I really didn't want to re-do it! Hubster thinks I should learn how to work with a program like illustrator to do vector images. Hmm, maybe I will!


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WOW…great piece for the 37 days blog….I am sure it will get pick if it has not already!!!
Hope you have a great friday!!!

Great picture! I love the colors. xoxo Nita

VERY COOL! Love all the swirls! Yeah, I watched some of that game last night – the NBA leaves me cold. I am SO college basketball. It seemed that there was little-to-no enthusiasm. Maybe it was because Isiah Thomas was in the house.

Is it just me or are men always into women learning the techy way to do things? I’ve experienced this SO many times before! Ugh! :)

Leah – love it! Look what you have inspired me to do . . . . .

I submitted my collage for the 37 Days Challenge, but I’m not sure I have it at the right resolution. Any suggestions what I need to do to get it right? I just took a photograph of it and downloaded it to my computer and then edited it a bit. How do I figure out if it is the right DPI? This has been a fun project, hope we can find some others to jump into! Nina

Hi Leah, this is a nice image, like an old commercial print:)but with a “Leah” touch.

Vector images (illustrator) are very precise but take a lot more time …The advantage is that you can print it very big-size without loosing precision (no pixels). But it “goes” on the eyes and the time schedule:) Have a nice evening and thanks for you inspirations for the AEM, I have enjoyed so much in participating in this adventure.

hats off to you if you undertake learning illustrator. but you can do that in photoshop too, using the pen tool. :)
~sue o’kieffe

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