Day 4 – Storyteller Tree

November 4th, 2007

I'll have to measure this one later. Not sure on the size, but it's collage and some acrylic paint on watercolor paper. It was fun putting this collage together and so much more satisfying than my attempt at working in wax today which bascially turned into a big ball of mud. Not pretty. lol...

O.k., off to watch "Family Guy."

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Love your collage…the tree looks like it is old and left over after years of storms…I really like it!!!
I have all the stuffies to work in wax…but have not tried it yet…really do not know how to start…
Thanks for sharing your beautiful artwork!

No THIS is the kind of collage that I like! I love the repeat of the circles and it just flows very nicely and looks interesting. Love the tree especially :)

Leah, this one is just amazing… so beautiful.

I really like the symmetry and clean lines of this one. It has that “clear-headed” feeling about it. The “Not always easy to achieve, but you’re happy once you get there” vibe, if you know what I mean. (Which I hope you do, because apparently I am incapable of explaining myself coherently today.) :-)

I’m really inot collages at the mo and thisone is not only inspiring but I love the image of that tree being the central anchor to the whole pic.

I love the collage and the title. Your trees are amazing. xoxo NIta

Ahhh. This tree looks very huggable, almost cute. I’m such a TREE HUGGER!

this is awsome… i love it…

I love this…and you’ve titled it using two of my favorite words. ;)

What a beautiful collage, a fairy tale, there is so much movement here and enchanting details. I love the rabbit, the girl and the bird, very inspiring! Have a nice day, Andrea

PS May I join the AEDM although I missed the beginning?

This is a really strong piece! Love your choice of colors.

I love this piece. I think it is one of my favorites that you have done so far! I love following along with this project! xo… :)

You did a nice job of combining so many different elements. It’s very interesting and fun to look at.

your art everyday is so incredibly gorgeous, how lucky for us that we see it.

Love this! I love trees and I like the hues of color you used.

Beeautiful. Love the repeated circles and the way everything goes together. Are you really into trees? I noticed a # of tree images in the Flickr photos by a # of people. I think trees are hard to do.

Ooo-la-laah.. I’m lovin’ this, Leah! And..I have an affinity to trees and this one with a portal in it’s trunk I find very intriguing. A beautiful compilation collage. My AEDM project is “in process”…and will post something as soon as I can.. Thisis inspiring!

O!M!G!!!!! A woman with birds dropped into my mailbox today. Leah! OMG!!! ( jumping up and down and waving arms with tears in eyes. ) You are one spectacular woman!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

And, as always, love this tree in your tree family.

Leah, this is a very interesting piece, lots going on here. I shall ba able to look at it again and again and keeping seeing something new. Well done.

This is so striking. The bold collage images are great! I always love to see what you dream up. Ha! And now that I’ve taken that encaustic class, I can imagine accidentally creating a big ball of mud! :)

So I really like this piece and would like to join in. Though its already been 5 days into november I just found out about this and still would like to do it if possible!

this is such a great piece! love all the circle work played out.

Fantastic work you have been producing at break-neck speed, Leah. You KNOW that I love ALL of your work!

LOVE this one!! A fave for sure!

Your picture invoked so many stories in my head when I saw the tree and landscape. Another masterpiece!

I love collages and I love this one!

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