day 6 – Broken Open

November 6th, 2007

Collage and acrylic on watercolor paper. I'll have to measure it later. Oo boy, busy day and I'm pooped. So, no more words tonight, I think I've said enough for one day anyway! :-)

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So powerful…the window keys, the black birds…this requires some thoughtful meditation.

What a wonderful piece! Very powerful. I love it.

very cool piece. I also really liked your previous post. very thoughtful.

Great collage. You can do this in one day? Or a series of days??

Perfect, is the only word I can say.

Pooped I understand. Wonderful piece as always. Love your themes: women, birds, trees…the really important pieces of life. =]

Leah, your artwork is brilliant and I am amazed by how much you are able to create each day. I mean, not only are you making art every day. You are creating QUALITY work! Wow, honey. This stuff is really wonderful. The expressions on your faces, the interesting flow of fabrics, the birds and trees…such symbolic imagery that always seems to find their way into your paintings. I love soaking all of this in and I just want you to know that.

I am also fascinated by your last post and the exercise that you found in your old notebook. I think it would do me good to sit down with those thoughts and answer those questions for myself.

Love you and happy art making. I’ve been thinking about you every single day!

OK Leah – you got me started, now I’m looking forward to every new day to see if I can really find the time to create something. Thanks for the words of wisdom in Defining Beliefs – such an inspiration! Take a peek at my redecorated studio, Vintage Thrift Shoppe style :o ) Nina

Your work amazes me. Your creativity amazes me. I feel like a broken record with praise and admiration for your work!


Karen Beth :) :):)

This is powerful. A window to the soul. Your work always has such depth. Thanks for sharing!

i love this… that is interesting that we both had a similar word in our works for the day… i love all of your work…

Absolutely gorgeous. I too am amazed at the art you create “everyday”.

Beautiful. The black birds seem to be such a beautiful talisman for you…

Oh my goodness gracious Leah!! This painting is like a companion to a SoulCollage Card I made this summer! Right down to the opening in the chest/torso..but mine has a bird on the inside…she appears to be trapped. Then I realized what I thought was a sculpture, was actually a painting of a body!– the card mystifies me,and is unsettling a bit…since something about it resonated with me to create it… I’ll share it with you either via blog or e-mail.

And…I want you to know that your painting is “not” unsettling. It’s freeing!… bird in flight…I love it!

I very much like this one!! (very very much!)

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