Day 7 – Phases

November 7th, 2007

10"x14" with caran d'ache on watercolor paper. This one just came out when I sat down to make something this evening. I like the phases of the  moon on her and in the end I put the suggestion of a new moon in the sky. Life is all about transitions, changes, re-birth, the flow of seasons and the rolling tides.

Today is Wellness Wednesday and for this week I'm going to simply refer to my "digging into defining beliefs" post that I posted yesterday which goes into depth about believing in yourself, an essential tool for wellness I believe! 

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Wow! this is so beautiful! It touches my heart. xoxo nita

really lovely – I especially like the kitty in it….it all gives me a very calming feeling.
Thanks for sharing it!

This is very refreshing and relaxing. You are so versatile, it’s amazing! It feels both spacious and comforting a the same time.

The new moon — it’s always there, though we can’t (or can barely) see it. A promise. I like!

I really like the shirt.. would be cool to make a real shirt with that design :-)
We are kind of on the same wave-length with our art here. My painting too was about transitions, cycles of life.
New moon on Friday!
Thankful to be painting again :-)

Ooh I love this. I like the blue and purples too. Motivates me to get off my bum bum and go create something!

I like the way you say “this just came out.” I guess artworks do that sometimes. This is simple and bright. Leah, I read that your paint a lot and collage a lot on watercolor paper. Then what? Do you mat them? Frame them. I noted some of your work was mounted on stretchers I think. I ask because I’ve a bunch of collages done for the collage exchange (you are not supposed to frame them) and can’t figure out the best way to make them hang. I could just put paper tabs on the back to hold a piece of cord which I have done before but just wondering what you do?

So beautiful, so relaxed. I love that you can see she is standing on the earth. Great piece for transitions.

Definitely an essential tool. Leah, this is a lovely peace – she reminds me of my daugher and her cat, Grace.

Like the ballerina… I love this one. I think I love it even a bit more for the cat in the corner. So beautiful!

I love how your ladies have flowy blowing hair. She’s a beauty. xo

This is lovely. Your art has such emotion; I want to write stories about each piece.

I *love* this! Very grounded, yet spiritual at the same time. There’s something very lovely about the lotus right on her center and heart.

When you say “caran d’ache” do you mean colored pencils? I googled it, but only came up with a company name, that makes lots of different art supplies.

Hi! I came to you via Bella’s blog. I met Bella thru a postcard swap this summer. Since then, I have been creating something nearly every day as you do. I post some of them on my blog as you suggested. Just recently completed another Autumn postcard swap.

I like this one you did.
Becky aka theRAV

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