I’m Back! Days 22, 23 and 24

November 24th, 2007

Above is my art for today, "Flower Root Trees" which is about 7"x9" with acrylic and ink on watercolor paper. I drew a sketch of this in my moleskin notebook while stuck in traffic today with the hubster. I can't usually do much in the car besides stare out the window because I get car sick, but with the slow drive, I did a little bit of sketching and some fun lil ideas for future art.

Extremely busy weekend in NY, but we're back home now and I've got a big orange fuzzy cat in my lap, so I'm quite content. Thursday and Friday were jam-packed with family obligations, traveling, and a trip into the city, but I still managed to do a drawing each day with ink on watercolor paper. I may paint these at some point or just leave them as is. 

And now to go relax...I hope your holiday was a lovely one. Happy creating!

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I love your pictures! The flowers are wonderful. xoxo Nita

My fave is the last one, flowers, swirls n bird…delightful!!

Awesome! I love the first one.. it’s so sweet (and funny, I don’t like squirrels! they scare me).
I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to be painting again after a week of cooking and entertaining. xo

I love “Flower Root Trees”…and it tickles me because I was just watching our ‘pet squirrel’ in action today. He’s not really our pet, but likes to hang out on the tree just outside our living room…and he sometimes hides nuts on our porch. :)

these are so much fun and inspiring

hope you had a great weekend! love the suitcase girl, and all of your subway pieces really speak to me. you capture so well the depth of humanity in such a simple and beautiful way :) lovely.

Love the big, bold, abstract flowers in these! Really great pieces!

Do you use any particular pen/ink so that it doesn’t run when you paint over it? I just bought a Rotring pen however the ink runs. So far only my Micron pen doesn’t run. A bit dissapointed re: Rotring ink as I like the pen very much. Good for you for doing drawings on the holiday!!!!

I enjoy the top picture with moon and birds under the earth with the roots. The colors are soothing to the eyes. YOu seem to do a lot of pictures on watercolor paper. I’ll have to try acrylics on paper, I’ve always used canvas but paper is somehow more accessible. Be well and happy creating.

So happy to see your drawings! I missed you….
I tried drawing in the car, and it didn’t work well for me…too many bumps and a little vision crazy. So glad you had a great holiday. I’ll be back to visit now that I’m up and running again. Happy holiday selling!

Hello, I was just wondering if I could get permission to use your picture on my blog. I’m not sure if this is the right place, or if you are the owner of the picture, but here is the URL for the picture…http://www.creativeeveryday.com/photos/uncategorized/2007/06/07/bear.jpg

Thank you!


Thank you so much, Leah!


Hi Leah, I saw your comment over at Sue’s – I love your icon!! These are fun sketches. Today’s is my favorite.

~ Diane Clancy

Really love the last drawing!
We use to travel back and forth to NY for every Holiday, but now most Holidays are spent here. There always seems to be traffic traveling to NY. I know it must be good to be home.
Stay Snuggly!

I dont know what it is about tree roots that I seem to find fascinating and love. I think its because I like to ‘look’ underground and see what those tree roots are doing…So what I’m trying to say is that I really liked this piece…more please with more of those trees.

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