Infuse Your Life with Creativity: Creative Every Day 2008

November 30th, 2007

Art Every Day Month was awesome this year! Thank you to everyone who participated, visited, and/or commented throughout the month. Each year, as AEDM has grown, I feel that I've grown as an artist while also meeting so many fabulous creative people all around the world. It's truly amazing and I'm so grateful.

As I mentioned earlier this month, I'm planning a new challenge for 2008 and I welcome anyone who is interested to join in! Every year, I love the way AEDM creates a great sense of community, brings together people with different styles and backgrounds, and gives me a kick in the butt to keep on creating when I might otherwise do nothing. I've been wanting to find a way to extend the process, but as much as I admire those who create and post a piece of art every day of the year, I knew that would burn me out. Besides, it's not really my goal to create a piece of art every day. But I do want to be creative every day.

Originally, I was going to call my blog, "Everyday Creative" meaning a person who is creative in their day-to-day life whether that be through making a piece of artwork or doodling on a receipt or cooking something or taking a walk to gain inspiration in the colors of nature or re-decorating a room or whatever! That domain name was taken, so I went with and included Everyday Creative in the tag line. Melba recently posted about creative dreams. I have loads of them and loads of them have come true! One of the things I aspire to is to be creative every day and also to inspire creativity in others whether that be through my blog, my art, through leading groups like AEDM, or through someday leading workshops or writing a book.

2007 was a wonderful year for me and I want to keep up that momentum and kick it into a whole new gear with a year of being Creative Every Day. I'll make some sort of logo/icon for it and have a list on the sidebar as I did for AEDM. Again, this will be a very low pressure challenge. I won't be the creativity police with you (or myself!) The idea behind it will be to encourage myself and others to find creativity in every day and in the everyday things of life. I won't post daily because I think that would be a bit too much of a burden for me, but I will post about every day's creativity in some form or another. And I'll encourage others to do the same, whether that be once a week or once a month. Throughout the year, I'll also be posting creativity tips that help me and hopefully will provide some inspiration to anyone looking to infuse their life with more creative goodness.  I'll be posting more about this challenge throughout the month. If you have questions or know you want to join in, feel free to pop me an email (link to email is in the top left of the blog) or leave a comment.

Thank you again to all the AEDM-ers. You rock!!! Keep on creating!

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Well I learned so much this past month creating every day…and I THANK YOU FOR THAT…without this lil project I would have never pushed myself into a goal and challenging myself to create and have fun…it was GLORIOUS!!!
I am definitely interested in your new project for 2008- so count me in…
Thanks so much for sharing your art this past month – I truly loved it all and learned alot!

This sounds like so much fun! Count me in!

The Art Every Day Month challenge was very good for me and I like your thoughts on being creative every day. Being creative, as opposed to creating a finished piece, every day is good for the soul!

Thank you, friend, for offering the opportunity. It has been a really fun ride, and I cannot wait to do it again.
Your new challenge sounds like a good one – because we all deserve to create and enjoy something beautiful everyday.
((hugs)) and love… B xo

I love this opportunity, Leah. It is gentle and supportive, and I would love to join in. Love, O

I did AEDM last year but missed this one….I would love to try being creative every day for a year!

I LOVE this idea, Leah! And after NaNoWriMo (fun thought it was), I especially love how low pressure/low key a focus – just focusing on creativity in your every day life. Great idea – count me in!~xOx

Oh, yes! We have such big plans for this summer, including visits to museums and loads of crafting. Classes break up here next Friday. :) We (my 8 year old daughter and myself) will be joining you.

You are an inspiration to me and, although |I have not done anything artsy in a very long time, I do now feel like getting out the art supplies and at least start doodling again. I must see what remains of my inks and watercolors and pens en pencils. Maybe buy some new supplies. It’s all very exciting and I can’t wait. Maybe Santa will look kindly upon me.

You have such an inspiring space here!!! I think I definitely need to join in on the creativity!

I haven’t been very creative beyond taking photos and I have to say, that my soul has been crying to be crafty. I think I’m going to take your Creative Everyday challenge for 2008 – it’s daunting but I think ultimately, inspiring.

Sign me up Leah. And by the way – thank you for being the energizing force behind all this creativity. I love watching what you do unfold and bring all the rest of us right along with you. You area a fabulous woman!

Thank you for hosting AEDM! While my blog doesn’t necessarily show it, I did more little doodles and “playing around” then I have in a while. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do for 2008 because 2007 was a little difficult for me. I would like to join your challenge of being a creative person everyday. Like you, I won’t be posting everyday, i found out through NaBloPoMo that that is a difficult task. But to have a goal of recognizing some creativity everyday is going to be important to me in the coming year.

Thank you!

leah, jessie and i were JUST talking about something like this…sounds like just what i need!!!!

I discovered AEDM when the month was nearly over and was saddened that I had not discovered it sooner. However, I subscribed to your RSS feed and am so grateful that I did. I would love to be a part of this for 2008! Looking forward to a kaleidoscope journey. ~Roma

Oops. Forgot to include my url.


playing for half a month has been lots of fun and i plan on continuing to do my night time doodles. thanks for you vision and support.
~sue o’kieffe

I have really enjoyed this past month. Thank you so much for the experience. As an artist who “has” to go to her studio every day and be creative to make a living…It taught me how I have so many other outlets of creativity in my life. I don’t have to limit myself to my studio to be creative. I can’t wait for the next one in 2008…count me in! XoxoxoxoX

Thank you for hosting the Creative Every Day month. You are a great hostess and exposed us all to many wonderful artworks. Thanks for all the comments on my blog and those given to others. YOu had a lot of participants to keep up with!!! Be well and hope your studio comes together beautifully.

Thank you for Art Every Day. I had so much fun taking part in this that I decided to extend it to 365 days, so count me in for being creative every day!

I think this is a great idea. November was a travel month for me, so I missed AEDM, but I missed it! I’ll certainly participate.
xoxo, Fran

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