Linkaroos and Art for day 10 – Sirens

November 10th, 2007

Got some links for ya:

First off, the amazing writer of the blog, 37 Days has posted a cool challenge. She is working on a book based on the essays she's written for her blog and she's now looking for artists to create ATC's based on these essays. Check out this post for more info.

eb from Be...Dream...Play posted a fantabulous link the other day to a video of Maira Kalman, illustrator and author of a new book called The Principles of Uncertainty. I *loved* this video of a completely authentic and unique woman telling her stories. I hope to get the book. Just looking at her whimsical illustrations and listening to her stories, I felt so inspired!

If you need a laugh, like I do today, check out this post. Too good.

And for my art, "Sirens", a piece of totally spontaneous art. I sat down with some caran d'ache water soluble wax pastels and watercolor paper (10"x14") and reached for the red. I drew a few swirls and thought maybe they were the fire from a dragon, but then the first red woman came to mind and it went from there. This piece came partly out of my frustration today and the blue figure was a surprise and feels a bit like a cooling element, a peace offering.

Very different feel from yesterday, yes? It occurs to me that I jump all over the place with styles and enjoy following the flow of how I feel at the moment. I mean, I think I have a recognizable style, but I know that artists usually work in series or that working in series is good for showing work and is a good marketing tool.

I guess there's a balance I can find, between following my whims and working on series too. I have a few series going at the moment, the memory trees and the subway series pieces and then there are always my female figures. O.k. I'm just getting over a killer migraine and I'm wiped, so I'm not going to try and think about this any more today. Hope your weekend has been a lovely one thus far. Happy creating!

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I love this one, especially the blue organic looking woman at the top.

love the free flowing art….the red is wild and the blue does seem to cool it down…at least trying to…
Thanks for sharing it and the links…the challenge sounds interesting!!

I love this! Its so energetic and well balanced. Its beautiful. You always come up wih the best ideas! How do you do it?

*sending you soothing energy to heal your headache…

This is lovely! The way the blue woman’s arm looks like it’s going into the heat I can understand the cooling effect you’re talking about.

Thank you for all the links. I enjoyed the video of Maria and a few others. I think it would be fun to go to a TED conference.

I really like this piece. I would love to see you take it a bit further, and maybe use the figures in another painting/collage. Just a thought…It’s a strong piece.

You are always such an inspiration!
I was just visiting my blog village, feeling kinda Sunday morning lazy…and now I want to check out all those links!
And maybe make something creative with my daughter today!

I am really enjoying your blog right now. I can’t remember now how I discoverd it? Oh maybe CAC. Anyway….series always escape me. I can relate to what you say. I know you’re “supposed” to come up with a series, and I want to to see if I can…but sometimes painting the same thing isn’t what I want to do! :) I am making myself a promise right now to participate in this challenge of yours starting today…even if it’s late starting. 30 days in a row seems to be a series of sorts, right? ;) I hope your day is great as well.

I am also continually amazed at the versatility of your artwork, the different directions you can take your creativity in.

I’ve been thinking a LOT lately about oil paints and seem to be drawn to wanting to try them. Any tips?



I like the reds and swirls of this. It feels happy.

This piece makes me think of water (the blue figure) being poured over flames (the multiplying red figures)Wonderful!

i really like this so much. xoxo nita

I am so far behind – how can two days of show make me this far behind?!!! And today I’m being Nana not artist.

Love the fire women (my aries nature and all) – and you’re right, the blue actually felt like water when I looked at the picture. I love all your series! (I just thought you should know that in case I’ve neglected to mention it at some point in the past). Hope your head is better!

Wow, this is so powerful. I love how you just create from whatever you’re feeling in the moment.

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