She left a trail of petals behind her – Day 5

November 5th, 2007

This is about 10"x 15" with acrylic and ink on watercolor paper. When I sat down to make some art, I was sketching in my moleskin journal and drew a teeny tiny sketch of what this would become. I think I want to add a sort of pattern to the dress, but it's late, so maybe another day. Here's a close up of her face:

In my original sketch, I thought of her as a dancer, so that would probably explain her long neck and ballerina look. I love drawing the female figure. I love the long lines and graceful curves. Much like drawing trees for me, another of my favorite subjects, as you may have noticed. :-)

While waiting for the water on this one to dry, I still had leftover paint and didn't want to let it dry up unused, so I grabbed a page of an old recipe book (same one I used in the Alice piece) and just started painting with the two colors I had left, blue and purple. Cute, eh?

I had lots that I wanted to write about tonight, but I want to post this before midnight. My camera ran out of batteries, hence the late posting.  Perhaps I'll write more later. Toodaloo for now!

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I think she looks very graceful…love the long lines and soft colors…
just love where your art takes you!!!
Thanks for sharing it

Beautiful, tall, graceful, elegant. I want to follow her.

Yes, very graceful lady, she reminds me of one that was on the side of a building where I took dance lessons when I was a child. Lodena Edgecomb School of the Dance! I was five years old. Ballet. Later took ballroom dancing there in sixth grade.Loved that!
Bird is fanciful too.

Oh, so simple and elegant and classy. I love the elongated figure! And it’s like she’s gliding above the ground.

i love the woman with the graceful neck. xoxo nita

I am like continually blown away by your art. This lovely piece is stunning. xo

leah – thanks for your kind words on my blog . . . . glad to know that you like my designs. Your beautiful blue dancer is an inspiration to me! My hubby and I have been doing ballroom dancing for a few years, but since we adopted our girls we haven’t taken much time for ourselves. This is a great reminder and motivator to get back to our own dancing. Thanks for the encouragement. Also, I see that one of your earlier posts was about organizing your studio space. That was my most significant “creation” over the past couple of days, so perhaps I will post pix of that project . . . and then get up there and step out of my comfort zone and create something wild and crazy! Nina

You seem to follow my favorite thing with another thing that I like more. I LOVE this ballerina. Will you be putting her in your shop? Just wondering… could I buy one of your sketch / doodles / etc. sometime? Thta would be just awesome!


Karen Beth :)

Leah this one is so graceful – I love the movement of her body – she feels like she is dancing – or reminding me of a graceful woman of an era gone by, strolling along.

so beautiful!

Beautiful! I like how she dangles the rose too :-)

Hi Leah,
I’ve popped by your blog occasionally and never seem to find the time to comment. As I’ve decided to join with AEM V I decided it was about time.
I have to say that I absolutely LOVE your recent art. Your style is so elegant, classy.
All I’ll take time for now but please add me to the list.
My very best wishes and angels be with you.

Leah….one word, dear.


She is gorgeous. Well done, so fluid, I love her!!

So much for one word.


Elegant, graceful. Reminds me a little of paintings of women by…was it Giacommetti? who painted elongated necks thusly. Like the doodle too.

Left a trail of petals = love! Absolutely stunning work!

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