A Little Meme Action

December 13th, 2007

I'll admit, I'm still feeling a little tender and teary, everything is making me cry tonight, oy! And yet, I've made the most of a night on my own with breakfast for dinner (scrambled eggs and cocoa!) I danced around the kitchen in polar bear pajama bottoms. And watched some of my favorite shows with snuggly kitties keeping me company. Maddie is right, gray days pass and happier days are on the horizon. I'm not even unhappy, just blue. And I know it will pass. And in the meantime, I'll keep doing what I can to be healthy and happy. With the idea of some light-hearted fun in mind, how bout a meme? This one has been floating around the blogosphere and I saw it last at Kelly's. So, here goes.

Do you own a gun?
Hells No

What do you think of hot dogs?
I know they're gross, but I'll still eat them at Fenway Park. :-)

What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
Water, tea, or (eek!) coca-cola!

Can you do push-ups?
Yes, the girly kind.

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry?
My wedding ring and engagement ring together. Love them.

What is your secret weapon to lure the opposite sex?
Umm, secret weapon? I'm not so good at luring I'm afraid. Maybe that's my secret weapon!

Middle name?

Name three thoughts at this exact moment:

  1. Tabbers (my cat) is like a fuzzy heating blanket
  2. Tim Gunn is hilarious
  3. I'm looking forward to a snow storm!

What time did you wake up today?
8:30 a.m.

Current hate?
Hate is a strong word.  I strongly dislike the fact that my driveway is a big sheet of ice. 

Name three drinks you regularly drink:

  1. Lime seltzer
  2. Coke
  3. tea with honey

Do you own slippers?
Yes, and they rock!

What shirt are you wearing?
A big blue shirt with a white star on it (a hand-me-down) that makes me look a little like something out of a Dr. Seuss story.

Do you burn or tan?
I tan mostly, but I can burn if I get too much sun, which I usually don't.

Favorite color(s)?
Favorite color in general is blue, but I love reds/oranges in art and my interest in colors shift regularly.

Would you be a pirate?
Um, Johnny Depp dressed in pirate gear is oddly attractive, so if he was my partner in crime, I'd consider it.

What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas I suppose. I like the lights, the color, and the time with family.

What songs do you sing in the shower?
Anything and everything from musicals, to bad 80's tunes to current stuff.

What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child?
Ghosts under my bed, walking down the hallways, or in the open closet.

What’s in your pockets right now?
No pockets in my polar bear jammies.

Last thing that made you laugh?
Tim Gunn talking about 3 AM mistakes.

Best bed sheets as a child?
I don't have any strong memories of bed sheets, just vague bits about 70's colors. I remember the red and white polka-dot comforter that was sooooo soft.

Worst injury you’ve ever had?
I've had a few major surgeries, but no major injuries to speak of.

Are your parents still together?
No, they divorced 20 years ago and are happily remarried.

Do you wish on shooting stars?

What is your favorite book(s)?
So hard to pick! I loved "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron, "Skinny Legs and All" by Tom Robbins among many, many others

What is your favorite candy?
Reese's peanut butter cups

How is the weather outside right now?
Dark. lol. Not sure. I know it's cold and getting ready to be stormy.

What was your first thought this morning when you woke up?
Gotta get up! Gotta get up!

Feel free to grab this meme for yourself!

12 Responses

Breakfast for dinner sounds ultra lovely.

p.s. Reese’s Peanut Butter cups are my fave too.

Hope you feel better soon.


p.p.s. I got your package today. I’m so excited. I’m going to hang it up in the studio.

Hope your blue mood passes soon sweetness, tis the season for extremes of emotions I am finding as I get older. I did this meme a week or so ago – it certainly is doing the rounds :) which is great as it’s a good one!

I have learned to be patient with my darker moments, having learned over and over again that they always pass eventually. This provides great comfort, and I find the less I resist, the easier it is and the sooner they go away. Breakfast for dinner is the BEST!

It can be so hard to sit through those blue periods, even when we know they’ll eventually brighten up. Hope your world is feeling rosier by now, Leah. Oh, and Skinny Legs and All is one of my all-time favorite books, too – the wolf mother room – I keep trying to paint it, and can’t quite capture the images that it conjures up in my mind…some day I hope to though…
Now I want a peanut butter cup and a coke :)

Do you have comment moderation? I’ve tried to post a couple of times, and nothing seems to happen – sorry if they end up double-posted – but I wanted you to know I’m thinking of you and sending you rosy thoughts…loved the meme ((hugs))

I left a comment yesterday for you but it seems to not be showing up – I have no idea why….
Just thinking about you and hoping that the blues go away soon….you can always come to the sunshine state – it is just so hot here it is stifling.
Hope your create juices get rid of the blues!!

Love this meme and am going to do it right now on my blog.
Thanks for lifting my spirits with something fun!

Leah – Tinker now has (or soon will have) Fool on the Hill – y’all have similar reading tastes (I too love Skinny Legs and all). And when all else fails to life the spirits, a meme will do it. Fun reading!

I like the way you put that you felt blue, not unhappy. That is the way I feel sometimes too. I am happy about my life, but sometimes I do feel blue. That is a good way to describe it!

I would love to be part of a women’s group. I am doing Jamie’s Circle Circle ~ a tele conference group, but I would love to do one in person too. Keep me updated if you decide to pursue it. You are a great leader!

Your work is lovely. I was very blue on Wednesday also. Maybe it was just the day! Hope you are feeling better !

Tim Gunn is a very funny man and his 3 AM comment was priceless. Glad to know more about you!

a fun meme; got a chuckle out of suess!

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