A Timely Message

December 30th, 2007

I was feeling all jittery tonight and some art making did help. I've named the piece, "A Timely Message" and it's about 9"x12" with collage, acrylic and ink on watercolor paper. I created spontaneously, grabbing collage items and building from there. Then I stared at the collage for awhile until I started to get an idea for an image and then it flowed from there. The message goes from the gut to the bird to the head and off into the world. I think of it like an illustration of intuition, inspiration, and instinct.

I'm super excited about Creative Every Day 2008!! The list of participants has been growing and there is a great group of bloggers, some I've known for a long time and some I've just met. Already the energy of this great group of creative souls is amazing!

A bit of cool synchronicity: When I was listening to podcasts yesterday, a new one popped up from CraftyPod that was about...being creative every day! No way! Yes way! In this case, it's an interview with Kirsty Hall, who in 2007 did a daily drawing on an envelope that she mailed to herself with a note inside. She plans on exhibiting the envelopes all together in 2008. The interview is quite timely and talks about some tips to maintaining a daily practice. It's a really fun interview, so do give it a listen and check out Kirsty's Diary Project!

The lovely Miss Lemen has a great message at the top of her most recent post, "Don't put off your happy life." Definitely a message worth remembering as I move into a year of living in the now! I also loved her list of "25 things she never gets tired of." Jen is always full of such wonderful ideas and positive energy! Here's my list, in no particular order:

1. synchronicity
2. my kitties
3. laughing
4. the hubster
5. making art
6. hot chocolate with whipped cream
7. soft, cozy blankets
8. sitting by the ocean, a river or lake at night
9. watching the stars
10. singing in the car
11. brunch
12. fresh sheets of blank, white paper
13. making babies smile
14. snuggling up with a good book
15. the smell of fall
16. summertime
17. Aveda shampure
18. getting fun things in the mail
19. the smell of clean towels and sheets
20.  bubble baths
21. browsing in book stores and libraries
22. doodling on any paper available
23. sleeping in with the hubster
24. seeing my family happy
25. drawing trees

And heh, I did a bunch of these things today! I slept in a bit with the hubster, spent some time browsing in a book store, sang in the car, laughed, had hot cocoa with whipped cream, I drew a tree and doodled on some blank pieces of paper, I made art, and snuggled up with the kitties under a soft blanket while reading (and finishing) a good book!! :-) Life is good!!

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Happy New Year, my friend. I missed your last post so read both this morning. I really took to A timely message. And regarding the previous post, Thomas Edison said “Discomfort is the first neccessity of change.” Uncomfortable with stagnation and current imagined confinements? Throw down the imaginary walls, spread your wings and get ready for an amazing ride.

You are one successful thinking woman. Can I pre-order the book? :)

Tell me now, what would you do with your one wild and precious life? (looks like you’re doing it!)

Thinking of you.


Very cool dress…I really like that it is transparent.

Leah, this piece is wonderful. I love the lines in the figure– I love the collage choices– and I love the movement of inspiration from womb to bird to mind to beyond– really wonderful!!

Ah, that WAS a good book! Isn’t is funny how the things we all seem to love the most are plain and simple. Tells you something, doesn’t it.

Leah, I love this piece, especially her dress!!

And of course I am in on CED 2008!

I really just popped over to say, “HAPPY NEW YEAR SWEETIE!”



Hi Leah

Can I add my name to Creative Every Day 2008?

Good luck with your book and all your other projects for 2008.

Stay inspiring!

I’d love to join create every day, m’dear! I’ve been lurking here for awhile; just now am speaking out! Have a fantastic new year!

Love this list! I plan to do one on my blog very soon. Cool idea!

Happiest of new years to you, darling! xoxoxoxo…. :)

Life IS good! and, hold on to your paint brushes: about to get better. How can it not with art every day?!

May the New Year bring all you wish and more. Many hugs

Love this piece of art you did! I think I say that a lot about your stuff but I really like this one. Happy New Year!

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know I want to participate in Creative Everyday 2008. I sent you an email last week but I have a new computer and I’m still learning my way around Window Vista so I wasn’t sure if you got it! Thanks! Kelly

Your blog is always inspiring. Your list you put up.. even if it was from someone else.. is a wonderful list. I think I will borrow it if you dont mind. ;) I also love your work. This piece you have here feels happy. I cant wait to see what you create in 2008. ;) You can put me on your list too. I think it will keep me motivated even if I dont do something daily..which I will work for.. I will do more then I would if I didn’t sign up. This month when nothing was going I slacked off. This should help me keep focused.
Happy creating.

I would like to join the creative every day 2008 group! I know I was a dismal failure at the month….but I love how you are lowkey, and I love the idea behind it. I know this endeavor will always be the jumpstart I need! I think in the past you might have linked me as “a place for everything” but my blogging “name” would be juneblue. I’m wishing a happy new year to you, and many creative successes!!!!!! Miriam

I think I will definitely blog about the 25 things….(hope you do not mind)…
Love your new piece….really peaceful looking!!!!
I am also very excited about the creative every day 2008….it is going to be wonderful!!!

Love this one alot. Great way to end the old year. Cannot remember if I signed up for Creative Every Day 2008, but I would like to participate again. Thanks for doing this! Happy New Year to you! May it be an artistically creative one for all of us!


Opps. Just saw my link. My bad. Sorry. Hope I do better than this in the New Year!


Thanks for the link, I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. “Creative Every Day 2008″ sounds very exciting and I hope it goes well for everyone that takes part. I’ve found having a creative daily practice to be challenging but very rewarding. I plan to be creative every day in 2008 too but not with an organised daily project – I definitely needing a bit of a break from that!

Happy New Year! This is my favorite piece yet! Love it! Yes, this is hte year of living in the now – oh the power and magic in that!!!

I am so inspired by your idea. I’d love to take up the challenge of Creative Every Day 2008. I’ll be posting them on my blog.
Happy New Year.

I am so inspired by your idea. I’d love to take up the challenge of Creative Every Day 2008. I’ll be posting them on my blog.
Happy New Year.

Hello–please add me to your creative everyday 2008 list–I will post my [daily?] creative output on my blog…
happy new year to you!
( I found you via 37 days blog)
aurora fox

Happy New Year, sweet Leah! I love your list of 25 things.. I’ll have to write one myself because I’m sure it helps to remind ourselves of what brings us joy.
And I love the connections in your art piece. I think it’s a beautiful piece. xo

I, too, loved Jen’s 25 things and left my list in her comments. I LOVE this piece–LOVE IT! Thanks for the link to Kirsty Hall–what a great project…will check it out.

Great art and a great list, Leah – wishing you a wonderfully creative New Year – every day of the new year!~xOx

Sitting by the river, or an ocean at night is something I never tire of either. What a contemplative painting you have done here. Here to stay is the New bird.


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