Creating Does a Body Good

December 14th, 2007

As hard as it can be to get started when feeling low-energy, it always does me good to get creating. I started this piece last night and finished it today. It's called "Firefly Hill" and it was done with acrylic and paper collaged on a 6"x12" gallery wrapped canvas. It was entirely spontaneous in how it came about although elements of it were floating around in my brain.

I'm on a yahoo email list for collage and although I haven't written anything on it yet, I do read it. Recently, someone was asking about personal imagery and how you find it. I think it finds you. It's the images that keep popping up unbidden that over time become your personal imagery. And things come in phases too with some imagery that seems to stay through it all. The woman holding a lantern or bucket full of light is a recurring image this year and trees are a constant. And beyond the actual imagery, without even trying everyone has their own style that comes through. No need to fight it. Although, sometimes I become fascinated by someone else's style and I wish I was more like this or that, but I've learned that it's great to experiment, but it's no use fighting what your style is. In fact, it's best to embrace it with open arms. Your style is your friend.

So glad I took some time to paint, it made me feel SO much better! Thanks for the love and support you've sent my way. I really appreciate it! Stay warm!

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It’s a wonderful magical painting. So great of you to share it with us. I always like it very much when you do. It really does look like there is light shining in her bucket. The fireflies are beautiful. The whole thing is done very well. Thank you.

so good to see you creating….and yes I think you are right – the imagery comes to you…I believe that is true for me too…
I have no idea if you have been getting my comments because at my end they are not showing up once I hit post….but know I have been here – and so glad to see your beautiful work….
Hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend!!

Yes I find I will want to be lazy & not create..then when I force myself to get busy I do feel much better about everything. but sometimes it sure is hard to get that first push. That’s why blogging is helping me. I get motivated by everyone. I seem to keep coming back to Birds and homey things. so I guess that must be my imagery. I do find I will like something others are doing but then I end up making it mine with what I like so you are right.
Nice job on the piece you posted.

Well I just wrote a long comment and it didnt go thru. arrgh.
It is out there floating around somewhere.. lol

shortened version..I just said I agree with you on the imagery and I liked the piece you posted today. Oh and.. I have found that blog friends are helping me keep on creating where I would be lazy and stop. and I do feel better after pushing myself to do something.

Take care and keep creating. we are all inspired by you.

It’s a beautiful piece of art and I’m so glad you pushed yourself to create. You motivate me to be more creative. I love collaging, but it’s been a while since I made the time to just do it.
Thanks for sharing…you’re contagious!

It always gets me how hard it is sometimes to allow ourselves to do the things that we really love, and in fact, feed our souls!
Good for you.

It always amazes me how we struggle sometimes to do the things that we love and that feed our souls. I am so glad that you took the time to paint.

Hiya Sweetie. Another great piece. I found the words around style interesting. I struggle so much with that. I feel I haven’t found mine yet because I just keep trying everything. I can’t help it I just want to do everything. My Mom laughs at me at dinner because I put some of EVERYTHING on my plate, no kidding. It’s how I am.

I am waiting as my style develops and patience is not my best virtue.

Happy Holidays Dear One.


Leah – this made me think of oranges! I guess I’ve forgotten what the sun looks like, I think we’ve had 15 minutes of sun in 2 weeks. This picture is really interesting because with the large dark spaces and the bright fireflies it become almost abstract. And despite the fireflies (which are always summer to me) feels very winter (or maybe that’s me). Glad you’re feeling better! If I weren’t putting up my tree I’d be in the studio (but the tree and a bag of new beads are my excuses for not doing that).

What a wonderfully magical collage/painting. The illusion of the foreflies is a like a lovely little secret she is carrying.

I like this one. I like the darks & the reds. I can feel the wind in her hair. Great job.

Becky aka theRAV

I like this one. I like the darks & the reds. I can feel the wind in her hair. Great job.

Becky aka theRAV

this is absolutely glorious! i would love to spend some time with this woman…i’m going over now to check out the 2008 creativity challenge. cheers!

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