Creative Every Day 2008 Update

December 16th, 2007

Howdy! Popping in tonight to share the badge I created for "Creative Every Day 2008" and the page that I made to explain the challenge. The description page can be reached through the list of pages in the sidebar or by clicking on the badge image which is also in the sidebar. I've also put up the list of those participating.

Again, this will be a very low pressure challenge with the goal of finding more creativity in our every day lives for the year 2008. Feel free to join in! If you're up for it, let me know in a comment or email.

A bunch of people have been having trouble with the comments here. Sorry about that! I guess for most people it doesn't look like the comments are going through, but they are. I put password protection back on, so hopefully that will help things!

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Well I am excited and look forward to it all in 2008….I have placed your badge and a link on my sidebar on my blog….I think 2008 will definitely be the year of creativeness…
Take Care

So many wonderful changes in your life in ‘07. Looking forward to seeing where your life and art will take you in ‘08! xoxox

I so what the idea of “Creative Every Day” to be a focus for me in 2008. For me it is more about taking the to think and dream each day about art. Thanks for this gentle push!

Hi Leah. I can’t remember if I committed to you on this yet or if I just did it in my head. In case it’s stuck in my head, this is your official notification. I am going to keep a running list near my bed so I can track my daily creative endeavors. Do yesterday’s Chocolate Gingerbread star cookies count?

Yeah, I thought so!

I’ll do my best to ad your badge to my site.

I’m IN!!! This sounds like a perfect way for me to express all that is brewing within me these days, and having little to no time to devote to it until after the holidays.

Thanks for the badge! I’ll be updating my site after New Years. I’m really excited about what this coming year will bring.

Yay! Super Yay! I’m so stoked about this Leah. Do you think making and baking Vegan recipes would count towards this challenge too?


I’d like to participate in ‘08!


I’m ready to join ! I’ve been playing with creativity, a sort of touch and run. But it is definately time for a change – in fact change has found me. Time to dive into the deep end of creativity. I’m looking forward to sharing the journey.

So I’ve created a blog just for this purpose.

We have started our creative summer project here at home. I´m glad to say I haven´t posted it at my blog just because we have been busy having fun, lol! :)

Hello Leah! Hurray, please count me in. I’m already inspired, just by reading your description. I have a wonderful new planner (more later… I designed the cover and it was published by the writer!), and I’ll fill it with what I have done to be creative everyday in 2008. Thank you sooo much for doing this!


I’d love to join in as I wish to honor my creativity much more than I did this hectic past year. I’ve tried to add your logo to my sidebar but the gif file doesn’t display properly :-(

What an exciting challenge! Everyday creativity fuels my entire life as a glass artist, mom, and writer. I’m so excited to find others who have the same mindset. I’ll be sure to add your badge before 2008 arrives. Just the possibility of this project inspires me!

I just came across this today and I am very inspired. I love to be creative! What exactly is expected?

I’d like to participate too.


count me in. i love the idea of at least bringing art to mind every day. i have already been dreaming of what i want to do come january 1. thanks for the inspiration!

happy holidays leah!

yay, count me in on CED 2008!

mary ann xx

I’ll love to participate in CED ‘08. It’ll be great way to be very motivated!!!

please sign me up for creative every day 08

This sounds very cool – I would like to join too! Thanks.

I’d love to join in the CED challenge! It’s such a great idea!

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