Holiday Craziness

December 21st, 2007

Things are certainly ramping up towards the holidays! I've been running around all day doing last minute shopping which totally burned me out. I ended up coming home, eating dinner and then crashing into a nap for 3 hours. Oy! I don't usually shop so last minute, but having to combine Christmas shopping with the hubster (who is an absolute down to the wire, last minute shopper), I had to compromise and do some things way later than I would like which meant dealing with the crazy crowds, traffic, parking lots, and lines. Not my cup o' tea. But it's done and I'm relieved. I just need to wrap some gifts tomorrow and we're good to go.

There's a bit of added stress this year as I've always had to split the holidays between my parents (who are divorced and happily remarried.) But now I also have to celebrate with the hubster's family too. And this splitting of holidays always seems to leave someone disappointed about something which makes me feel so bad! My brother is newly married also and also in a brand new job as a lawyer in NYC with crazy long hours, so he too is having to run all over the place. Maybe one year when we have our own house we'll make everyone come to us. Except that some family is allergic to our kitties. Arg. What can you do. I just need to let go of the unnecessary guilt and enjoy the time with my family. Next year will my my first Christmas away from my family (we'll celebrate with the hubster's family in NY) and that will be especially odd for me. I know it's kinda strange and sad for the hubster this year since he'll be spending the holiday with my family. But still we'll be going to NY after the holiday to do a 3rd Christmas with his parents and brother. Oy. So, he can't feel that bad about it. Yadda, yadda, yadda. There are worse things in the world than holiday scheduling. It'll be o.k..

Anyways! I've got two posts up at Create a Connection. One is a random list of linkaroos of everything from cool products I've seen online to podcasts I enjoy. And the second is an updated version of what I posted about Creative Every Day 2008, which can also now be seen here.

I'll be away half of next week, so if I don't get around to posting tomorrow I hope you have a wonderful holiday if you celebrate Christmas or Solstice or something else! And if you don't celebrate, I hope your weekend is filled with love and laughter too!

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Thanks for stopping by Mixed Grill Favorites and your kind words about the loss of my friend, Jil. I appreciate your sympathy.

I also appreciate your feelings about being away from your family during holidays. I haven’t spent a holiday season with my family since I got married, eight years ago. My husband’s family is wonderful, though, and they’ve taken me in and treat me just as though I was theirs. I am, I guess! Happy Holidays, Leah.

By the way, I’d like to take the “Creative Everyday 2008″ Challenge!

Mixed Grill Favorites


i want to be part of the creative every day 2008 challenge as well. oy indeed!

Merry, Happy, Wonderful, Glorious Christmas wishes to you chickie!!!

You know I’m in! Your creativity and energy are a gift to our whole artsy blogging community . . . .great way to make new friends and find our daily inspiration. Nina


Happy Holidays darling! I hear you on the “dividing” your time thing. It’s so hard to try and make everyone happy, including yourself!!

WE MUST catch up after the holidays! we never did have our phone chat! What’s this world coming to anyway????

Miss you bunches!

xoxoxxo ~Jes

I like the idea of the Creative Everyday Challenge and would like to posts on each of my blogs about it periodically. Both are on Blogger. Small Reflections is my “light-hearted” blogging space and Sacred Ruminations is for more serious fare. I look forward to seeing what others do as well.
Hugs and blessings,

Hey Leah – Happy Holidays to you too – since we had kids we stay home for Christmas because they want to have Christmas at home. It makes it SO much better. If we do a family gathering we usually do it a week or so before – no traffic, no stress. :-) Enjoy!

Totally understand feeling torn between families. Once i couldn’t deal with making the decision, so we stayed at home! Not sure if I recommend that…but it was nice not to deal with the traveling.

merry christmas! So glad we have crossed paths this year. Wishing you all the best (and lots of creating!) this next year.

Best wishes Leah, for a happy and peaceful christmas time with your family.

I sure would like to be part of your Art Challenge

I have a Blog for Crafts and one for Poetry….they are separate

Come take a look….glad to have you.

Happy Holidays, sweetie! Enjoy the time with your family. xoxo

I hope you had a wonderful holiday my friend!! xo

Bless your heart… be sure not to overdo it! I hope that once the holidays actually come and go, we can all settle a bit and breathe! Have fun though and know that I’m sending you beautiful and good holiday wishes.


Karen Beth :)

Hi Leah,
Thanks for Hosting at justBeConnected. I am just now reading all your wonderful posts!

I want to be part of Creative Every Day 2008.( I will be adding your badge to my blog.

Hope you are staying safe and warm.

Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to say Happy Holidays to you and the new husband! Wishing you safe and happy travels for the holiday season.

Hiya Sweet Lady…
How did y heart know you were writing a book this year? Kudos. It will be successful. It could be nothing less.

I haven’t read 37 days blog but I certainly understand the concept of “The Time is Now”. If we all put off the good stuff, well, we lose such potentional for, well, great stuff. I will be posting a note…THE TIME IS NOW.

You are on my list for 2007 of important people I met.


Always the leader and the inspiration! Here comes 2008! Woohoo! I’m right behind you! (and may even blog again some day…=] )

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