Random Shades of Gray

December 12th, 2007

Le sigh. The world feels heavy today. Achey and gray. I'm having trouble getting my energy up, which means little motivation to write or interact. But I haven't quite fallen off the face of the earth. No, I'm here. Here, stringing up twinkle lights decorated with handmade snowflakes (that the best friend taught me how to make) and the two little birds that sat on top of my wedding cake. Here, continuing to remove the astonishing amount of garbage in our apartment and enjoying the space it's creating. Here, working on my newsletter in Panera (which I think of as Pandora) with earphones on, occasionally glancing up to people-watch...a reindeer sweater, a cute plaid jacket, an adorable printed handbag. Here, listening to Ray LaMontagne which maybe isn't helping my energy level, it's mirroring my mood. Perhaps, I'll shift to Scissor Sisters for a boost. Oh, that's better.

This weekend was super social and for me that often leads to a recovery period. But I did have fun with guests at our place, a holiday party at a swanky apartment in the city, and a day of celebrating my dad's birthday with siblings. I do enjoy spending time with people in smaller doses and I'm actually craving some sort of community. I love and will continue to nurture the friendships and community I have here online, but I feel the need for some person-to-person interaction, like a small support group or something. I feel like this sort of group does best with some sort of focus, like a book or goal or something along those lines, but I'm kind of lost as to where to start. I'd even start a group on my own if I had a good plan in mind.

Random stuffs in the works, working on new Subway Stories pieces and also working on a book idea that I've had dancing around in my head for awhile which is very exciting for me. I think the Creative Every Day 2008 project will be great help in this process too. I'm learning that these things can be accomplished in many small steps. I know I've learned this a thousand times over, but sometimes these seemingly simple lessons often take ages to truly sink in.  Back to work for me!

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Hey friend, I’m feeling your plight though I tend to think the Ray LaMontagne would do me some good. Heh.

Thinking of you.


oh achey and grey days somehow meander to bright and happy
spurts so you have something to look forward to!


Sounds like you have a little bit of the winter blues. Maybe you need some sunshine and some bright light. Shiny happy people? Is there salvage in great art? Can you draw and paint what this feels like for you and show us? I deal with similar feelings myself.

so good to hear from you – I do hope the blues leave you soon…I think it is the onset of winter storms and having to plan things around storms and such…at least when I lived up north – that is what I was going through…come to the sunshine state – we have plenty of warm sunny weather to go around (UGH!!!)
Take care of you – create – it seems to work wonders!!!

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