The Time is Now

December 27th, 2007

I hope everyone had a wonderful week however you may have spent it! We bounced from one part of my family to the other which was a bit crazy-making, but fun nonetheless. Even though I was home for Christmas this year, we had the addition of the hubster and my brother's wife celebrating with us which made for a different dynamic. I loved having the hubster with me, but I felt myself grow very quiet. The hubster pointed it out last night and we talked about it. I'd been feeling a bit self-conscious and was assuming (never a good idea) certain judgments. I came to the conclusion that I need to let go of these assumptions and be proud of where I'm at. I also need to do a major overhaul on my goals this year.

I started working on one of my goals for the year last month. I'm writing a book on creativity. The hubster suggested I say it out loud as it helps to make it more real and helps to hold me accountable. I've been a bit quiet about this as I've always said that I'm not a writer. But clearly I write a lot as can be seen in the six years of blogging I've done. I encourage people all the time to say they're an artist when they create, so I'm writing and I suppose that makes me a writer which makes me all sorts of jittery to type. It's not my goal to be strictly a writer, but for a long time I have wanted to put together a book of creativity tips that I would write and illustrate. As anyone with big dreams may know, it's easy to put these things off for some better time, but as Patti writes about on 37 Days, we never know how much time we will be given. So, if we have dreams, it's best to begin. In response to Patti's post, I commented: 

I love the idea that living as if you only had a short time left doesn't necessarily mean tackling those big things like traveling to such and such place, but it more likely means to live each day full out, slowing down, enjoying it all and expressing what needs to be expressed. I think we all have so much inside us that wants to be expressed and we hold it back thinking it not worthy or thinking that we have plenty of time to get to that later, but how rich would our lives be if we spent at least a part of every day sharing what we have within us. And who knows what places it would lead us to if we did?

My intentions for the coming year include stepping out of that space of thinking "there's plenty of time to get to that later" and into the space of "the time is now."

I'm liking that for my theme for this year, "2008: The Time is Now." So, I've been working on my book. I started with a brainstorming session, then an outline and then I started to write in a very free flowing manner, not looking back to edit at this point, just getting words on the screen. And of course, the beautiful thing about working towards your dreams is that taking action and moving forward feels so good!

Last night, I started working on this painting and stopped when the hubster asked for some snuggle time. I finished it up tonight and I'm just loving it. The rabbit feels like something out of a dream. I'm calling it "One Rabbit Night", it's about 10"x15" and was made with acrylic paint on watercolor paper.

I believe I've added everyone that has asked to be added to the "Creative Every Day 2008" participants list, so if you don't see your blog up there and you'd like it to be, let me know! I'm just returning to regular life after a busy time with family, so if I owe you an email, I hope to get to that very soon. Toodaloo for now!

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So glad you are starting to move forward with your book….that is a wonderful step and also freeing of your spirit….
Living right now started with me when I became ill….but one of the projects that renewed it for me was your art everyday of the month project…I think I even wrote that I was going to wait until next year to join but changed my mind and started this year because no one is guaranteed tomorrow….
It really is a nice philosophy to live by….
I love your one rabbit night…very whimsical…
So glad your holidays were nice….it is great to be around family and friends…
take care

Your comment to Patti really spoke to me. I hadn’t really thought about what you don’t express as putting something off. That was very profound and I may need to think on it a bit more. Thanks for sharing your insight.

oh, leah! it has been tooooooooooo long since i’ve been able to enjoy your blog and it feels soooooooooooo good to finally be here! :) yes! yes! yes! i can so easily imagine you writing a book! i mean, do you even realize how many people you have brought together and inspired in the blogosphere?! i think it would be incredible to see your words on the bookstore shelves as well. i believe in you! you know, it’s almost as though you have been practicing all along for this very endeavor.

i’m sending you lots of love and support and i believe in you so very much! :)

i also love the idea of creative every day 2008. can i be added? i know that i won’t be able to necessarily do big, serious projects (although that very well might change), but I do know that I want to make sure that i continue to incorporate art into my life every day as i move forward into my future. what a great idea! dang grrl, you inspire at every turn. ;)

Leah – I, too, loved your comment on my post – many thanks. In reading this, I’m reminded of a quote from Ginevee, an Australian aboriginal: “Inside each of us, there is a forgotten person.” Perhaps being creative every day helps find that person? Congratulations on your book project. I’ve learned over the years that writing a book isn’t an act of inspiration, but of simply getting up every day and sitting down to the work of doing it. Enjoy the process as much as the product! And I’m intrigued by your being creative every day in 2008 – creative in what way? Making art? Writing? Perhaps you’ve outlined the challenge elsewhere–I need to take a look. I used to paint, but haven’t in years…perhaps I should participate! love, patti

I love the theme for 2008! May I borrow it??? I need to go with “The Time Is NOW!” as well! That would be perfect for my life.

Your writing a book is so awesome and admirable and I’m so glad you mentioned it here. Wahoo! Go girl! You rock! I can’t wait to hear more about it as you go along. Please do share.

We are behind you all the way no matter what you venture into. You are an artist on so many levels and I admire and appreciate them all!


Karen Beth :)

Oh, Leah, a book on creativity?! I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!!! And here’s to a big YES! to giving voice to one’s dreams…to saying them OUT LOUD! I love your rabbit…h/she’s LEAPING! ;) I was stalling about ‘officially’ signing up for “Creative Every Day 2008″…WHY?!…please add me to the list. One of the things I really want to explore in ‘08 is my photography. Yes, I said it OUT LOUD (so to speak). It’s been a goal since I was 18. Can you imagine?! Postponing doing something one loves for 34 years because she doesn’t have the ‘right equipment’?! That’s crazy talk!! I don’t care about classes or lessons…or fancy cameras or lenses…or Photoshop…or any of it. I just want to get past my self-consciousness about shooting in public places. I just want to do it for the joy of doing it…because I really do love it (in spite of only ever owning point-n-shoot cameras). I also want to get back to my poetry practice next year. So sign me up, girlfriend! I can’t wait to see how the book journey will unfold for you… xoxo

Love this piece. It reminds me a bit of an art quilt. You’re a great writer, Leah. That’s why people keep coming back to read your blog.

how wonderful! both that you are writing a book on creativity and the painting above. How exciting! I too believe that saying it out loud is the first step to realizing your dreams. I look forward to hearing about your progress.

Yay, Leah…you are a writer! Write on! I’m very happy and excited for you. You have a lot to share, and I’m thrilled that you’ve decided to do it in a book. Can’t wait! Blessings, O

it looks as though we may be on the same path next year…i have started a creativity book that needs the last two chapters finished…and i am going to get into the studio every weekday…so i would love to join your group of fascinating artists please…hugs, r

Leah, Congratulations on declaring yourself a writer of a creativity book! Yes, yes, I’m happy to hear this – it seems perfect – not only what I’m sure you’ll write about but the illustrations I anticipate with great pleasure. I adore that rabbit. I too would like to borrow your 2008 theme – I’ve spent the last year clearing the past – mostly my parent’s past – but mine too and I’m really ready for some saturation in NOW time. I want to join your Creative Everyday 2008 with my Spiritdoll blog – although I’m planning a new blog to begin sometime next year that I’ll want to switch too – but it’s not ready yet – perhaps it will be part of what I create everyday in 2008. Thank you so much for all you creative spirit and Happy New Year!

i would love to join if it is not too late? is there a mister linky or a avatar to be used?

Leah, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months, and I am so excited that you’ve decided to step forward with your book! I am a proofreader/copyeditor, and words excite me more than anything. Anyway, I would love to donate my services to your project. I don’t know why–I just feel a very strong and sudden urge to offer my help. Perhaps your theme for 2008 has struck a chord with me, too! I recently created a myspace page for my firm ( redirects there) and/or you can email me at wordsmith AT ampersandediting DOT com.

Ummm…oh yeah. And can I be Creative Every Day too, please? I’ve really got to nurture those budding watercolor skills. My father-in-law made me a sketchbook for Christmas, which he entitled “Sketchbook – S Joy – Watercolor Artist”. It gave me a feeling of such pride, even though I’ve only painted a few things!

Oh, yes! Go for it! We┬┤ll be cheering you along the way. :) Looking forward to reading my copy of your book! :)

Leah, what a fabulous idea!! I’m so pleased you’re writing the book, and so pleased you’re owning your writerliness! You are an inspiration.

Good for you! And you’re already starting and it’s not even 2008 yet. :)


Congratulations on taking the jump and starting working on your book!!! I’ll join you in this adventure as only a few days ago I committed to doing the very same, regardless of how busy life gets. So I too will be working on my book this year, both in terms of narrative and illustrations. I’ll be looking forward to reading about your process and progress. Best wishes and blessings,

I’ve been postponing joining your every day creativity endeavor, but since 2007 has been the year of opening, I want to end the year opening myself to creativity as fully as possible. Sign me up!

Blissings, April

Hello, I like your blog, and would like to join in the 2008 challenge. Like you, I create everyday, through my art, writing my blog, and many other things.

Also, I notice we’ve both read a lot of the same books. I love the ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy – read it twice!

Congratulations on your book, and good luck with it.
Happy New Year to you!

Happy New Year, Leah! I’m getting caught back up on your blog. I love that you’ve publicly proclaimed that you will be writing a book on creativity! I can’t wait to read it!!!!

Wow! Look at how many people have responded to this post, Leah! It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling to know that you are writing a book, finally! Do you remember me writing to you last year, wondering if you would write a book because you have so much wisdom and wonderful energy to share with your fans?

My best wishes to you for 2008. You’re right “the time is now”



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