Wellness Wednesday: Think Small

December 5th, 2007

Although, I've been learning this year how to think and dream big, thinking small is still important. It's easy to forget sometimes that larger tasks get finished one baby step at a time. The same holds true for creating art. Sometimes creating can seem daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn't need to be that way. When the urge to create strikes, you might not have the time or interest in doing something big, so you might stop in your tracks and go no further. If you want to get back on the creative choo-choo train, try doing something small.

Last night, I was watching Project Runway Canada (episodes on You Tube) and it was getting the creative juices flowing in my head, so I grabbed what was literally within my reach: standard sized index cards and a calligraphy style pen that was almost out of ink (and leaked its remaining ink on my hand.) Doing something light and fun on a small canvas like this can be fun and inspiring. I simply played, doodled, made shapes and went from there. Knowing that any or all of them could end up as trash or things to be collaged or a sketch for a future piece, helps me to let go of any fears that might be holding me back. And I love these little fashionistas! They were much fun to do.

The back of business card are also great mini canvases to use. They're certainly easy to carry in your purse or pocket and are readily available for small moments of creative fun.

So, that's my Wellness Wednesday tip for this week. When the world gets overwhelming, slow down and start small.

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Ok. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I adore these! When I was a little girl I used to spend hours flipping through JC Penny’s Catalogs or other clothing catalogs in order to get inspiration. I think my first knowledgeable pieces of art were of women and fashion. Literally, I would spend hours drawing women and the clothes I saw. It was a pastime. Now, I’m a total project runway fan (my favorite segments are when they show the sketches).

I think I could look at fashion sketches all day long! What a great way to get the juices flowin’. And a wonderful Wellness Wednesday tip.

They were fun to do for you and they are a lot of fun for us to look at. You are quite talented and I am always so happy to see your artwork. No matter how small you say it is, it is a big talent!

GREAT ADVICE…..again – big or small – your doodling just floors me, so beautiful and whimsy…I love them all…I wish I could doodle like that.
Thanks for sharing them…they are really wonderful!

I LOVE the first girl, her ponies have so much movement, she’s definitely on the runway. I can’t wait to watch last night’s PR episode – I’m addicted!!

Sweet doodlings. I love the long necks your ladies have,(much like my own). Your style is developing all the time and these doodles prove it.

Kudos girlie!

These look fun! Excellent suggestion. I have a box of unused business cards that are crying out for purpose.

These are so incredible! I love the flowy-ness of them! You are so uber-talented!!!

There is something about the flow, lines and movements of your drawings that I just love! You are so very talented, Leah, and quite an inspiration, too :)

These are great! What a super idea. I always get super charged watching Project Runway…my all time fave show. Keep up the fantastic work and don’t get too stressed out with the holiday shipping. Much love, Wyanne

Wait – you mean, when I feel inspired, I don’t have to create a Picasso or O’Keeffe? I can just… start. I can do a little something. Thanks so much for saying that, and sharing your drawings! I can start small. You just made my day!

You have a talent for translating fluid motion onto paper. I half expected to see your images start modeling. Gorgeous!

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