A Month of Inspiration

January 31st, 2008

As promised, here are some views of my inspiration board:

inspiration board

Go to my the flickr pics (click on the pictures) to see all the notes about the individual items on it. Here are some details:

inspiration board close up

inspiration board close-up

What I'd like to have is some bigger boards and a magnet strip to collect inspiration and hang art from. But in the meantime, I'm happy with the board I've got!

My space is filling up with "Subway Stories" art and it's just about ready to be packed up so that I can drive it up to Nahcotta tomorrow.

I spent some time this morning writing out my creative acts of the last month. Yes, it's been a month, which is wild! Great work to all you amazing creative folks out there. I really appreciate all that you are doing and sharing and trying. It's awesome. I think next month, I'll try and keep track of all my activities as I go, instead of looking back through to see what I blogged about and trying to remember the days when I didn't mention something. I know I did something every day, but trying to remember the details is not going to work. Hah. So, while I didn't record every single creative thing I did and the list doesn't account for all the fun inspiration, synchronicity, and connections; I tried to make note of what I where I focused most of my creativity on each day. Here's my list:

January 2008's Creatactivities:

  1. painting in my art journal
  2. doodling and drawing in my sketchbook
  3. made an Amazon widget
  4. made a painting/collage called "Memory Cycles"
  5. drawing in oil pastels
  6. drawing in sketchbook with suggestions by my mother-in-law
  7. sketching, updating website
  8. creative thank you notes
  9. writing/designing newsletter, playing games with friend's kids
  10. making up a recipe for the first time, collaging, writing book
  11. painting with the power out
  12. working on subway art
  13. more subway art
  14. and more subway art
  15. even more subway art
  16. opened Etsy shop, made best friend's baby laugh while best friend got her haircut :-)
  17. drawing in sketchbook, subway art, wandering in library and pulling inspiring books.
  18. working on the subway art
  19. same as above
  20. doodling
  21. took pictures of my sparkly shoes and my big fuzz ball, Tabbers
  22. picking out flowers to decorate the house with, doodling over an old drawing
  23. working on subway art
  24. making soup and presenting it artistically. yum.
  25. subway art
  26. re-vamped my inspiration board
  27. subway art, mini-collages, drew in sketchbook
  28. subway art
  29. worked on book
  30. subway art
  31. subway art, bird drawing

I just love focusing on the creativity in my everyday life. And I wanted to mention that it's not too late to join in the Creative Every Day 2008 challenge! I think joining in anytime is perfectly o.k. So, if you've been thinking about jumping in, leave me a comment or shoot me an email.

Having the weekly post where people can leave a link to their creativity posts seems to be working well. Next month, I'd also like to focus some posts on what others are up to. If you have any other suggestions/ideas, feel free to let me know! Back to work for me.

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Oh, my. Now I really feel as if I didn’t get much accomplished this month….but I was sick for several days and that put me behind. Hopefully I can make up for it next month. I love your inspiration board. Maybe that’s something I should try.

Yay for you girl, what a cool list. Love that you listed the best friends child’s laugh – that IS creative! I want to keep a list like that too, and Feb is a short month so it will just race by! I did a post about my Daily Art Cards today, check it out!

what a great board Leah…it’s an artwork in itself !!
I’m quite a fan of Albert Camus…
goodness you’ve been very creative…..your subway series is amazing :)
regards Kim

Hiya! This CED thing is fun. I am always suprised to catch myself thinking “Okay now, let’s not forget to do something creative.” I’m having a great time!

And hey, your inspiration board is so NEAT and ORDERLY. Mine is generally all over the place. My latest addition to it: paint samples…the NEW NEUTRALS. he he. Hey who declared orange a NEUTRAL?

I still think you are amazing.


found your creative every day 2008 and want to join in !
I think its a wonderful idea!
Greetings Barbara

Love your inspiration board, Leah. You are focussed and right on track, good for you! I hope your show at Nahcotta is very successful for you.

You are inspiring me to write some of my January creative acts in my blog post. I’ll do so when I post today, thank you. You have begun a very wonderful ball rolling for yourself and so many others, and I bet it comes back to you in some beautiful ways.

Great list of ‘creactivities’! Your inspiration board is truly inspiring!


love the creative everyday. thanks for the inspiration!!! it has been a fabulous start to this new year as it is so much fun to think of EVERYTHING creatively!!! onward!

I have an award for you over at my place.

I’ve been playing with my Sharpies and letting my inner brat go at the paper before going to bed! Woot Woot! I love the idea of an inspiration board. I like to collect things (usually natural objects) and keep them in a bowl. It grounds me.


amazing list!!

very lovely inspiration board … I need one of those ;)

xo ~Izabella
p.s. Come visit my blog…I have been busy creating for One World~ One Heart giveaway ;) http://izabella.typepad.com

I love the idea of making your inspirational board something that you can move things in and out of to keep the flow going. I’ve done them with things glued on a poster board, and it doesn’t seem to keep things moving as much. LOVE all that you’re creatively doing every day. take care. Thanks for the nice comments that you gave me on beginning drawings. It’s nice to have support!

It’s so much fun to see a photo of your vision board! :) I’ve been adding quite a bit of stuff to mine lately also. And good luck with that list. It’s a good one! :)

Ok…I’m off to meet my date with Art. Have a nice night!

Inspiration board!!! Desperatly need one!! My ‘board’ is just my wall above my cutting table–everything is just sort of plastered up there with tons of scotch tape! You were very creative this month:-) I think it is fun to make a list like that–it reminds you of all you’ve done!

Leah: what a great idea. I tried the painting every day concept, and just ended up feeling guilty all the time about not meeting the goal. I would like to join your Creative Everyday group.

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