January 19th, 2008

Catcloset I keep hearing, reading, and seeing the word, "comfort" everywhere lately. It was on the receipt of my purchase at a bagel shop this morning which was advertising a new sandwich that they called "creative comfort foods." Inspire Me Thursday this week is about moving beyond our comfort zones (and last week was also about comfort). Jen Lemen mentioned finding comfort in her clutter today. And those are just a few examples. Perhaps it is because I am seeking comfort at the moment.

I have clinical depression and the winter can be difficult for me. I've been doing o.k., but this past week has been a bit of a struggle. I have been endlessly exhausted, teary, and low energy. I say this because I know that this is a difficult time for many people and perhaps my words will help someone else who is struggling too. Fortunately, I've been through this enough to know that it will pass. I don't feel hopeless as I might have in the past. The best thing I can do is have compassion for myself, practice good self-care, and keep taking those baby steps forward.

My week at my old job ends tomorrow night and I'm looking forward to a snuggle reunion with the hubster and my kitty meows. (The picture is of my kitties, Sadie and Emma, snuggling on a box in my closet.) I hope that if you are needing some comfort today, you will allow yourself to seek it out, to relax and soak it in.

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I have been where you are. Many kudos for recognizing that it will pass.

I have been where you are and certainly know what it feels like. So I admire you for still being able to make art. It is true, you need comfort and you need to take good care of yourself. Clinical depression is a serious matter, but luckily you know that it has an ending and you need to be patient and know that all will be alright in the end.

Take care, big hugs.

How ironic, in that I chose to take a day off from the constant home renovations and “comfort” myself with blueberry pancakes and a new pair of jeans. Hey, I take luxury where I can get it. Take care of yourself, love. Spring isn’t too far away.

WOW – you have so hit home with the clinical depression…have been going through a rough time of it lately – I am trying to move forward but cannot seem to get past it right now…but I admire you for doing so – baby steps – wish I could!!!
Thanks for sharing it all

I love the comfort idea right now. In fact, I am about to go soak in a hot bath! I will create a nice space with candles and lovely music. Have fun with your snuggles!

Well, I’m a little late to the game, but I’m on-board for Creative Everyday 2008! What a wonderful idea. My heart to you for the struggle this particular week. The heart of winter always snags me, too. This year seems different though as I’m trying to witness without judging myself. Creativity certainly is an amazing tool in this process!

Miracles to you!

I’ve really been thinking a lot lately about extreme self-care and was really happy to see it in your post today. Synochricity at work! :) I’m making a list of things that I consider to be extreme self-care for myself, things that I can do every day, month or week. I think it is important, especially at this time when my health is really giving me such problems.

Thanks for such a wonderful post that I can identify with. :)

Hang in there and use your art/creativity to help you through this one! Your self-awareness is the critical point to helping you through this one. Good messages for all of us…comfort and care!

Man oh man, Januaries north of the Equator are such tough times for those of us with Depression. *hugs* I know just how you feel. Baby steps and comfort are wonderful focus points this time of year.

Leah – when you’re next in the library pick up Matt Ruff’s “Set This House in Order – A Romance of Souls” – very different from “Fool on the Hill” but the same quirkiness and a great read. Just started his “Sewer, Gas, Electric” (I think that’s the order) and can tell it will follow the route of Fool, starting with a list of characters in the front.

As for winter depression – I am so happy to say that mine snapped out mid December (for no unknown reason) and I haven’t felt it since. Wish for you a winter thaw and spring snap. =]

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