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January 24th, 2008

Making a new recipe always feels creative to me. I traveled to a brand new grocery store in town and enjoyed the new signage and the fresh, clean feeling of it. Everything seemed so perfect! Every product was well stocked, all the produce looked spectacular, so much color! I enjoyed picking out fresh ingredients: cod and clams, parsley, potatoes, leeks, celery, and some pricey, but fun saffron threads. Chopping vedgies, smelling the stock cooking, tomatoes, chicken broth and clam juice. Toasting up crusty bread in the oven and hoping, hoping, hoping that it will taste good. Phew, it did! Then setting it up in the white bowls and plates, I felt like I'd made a bit of food art. Pretty enough to eat and warm-your-insides good.

Andrea mentioned today that she's enjoying the CED challenge and how it's really all about perspective. Opening our eyes to the endless ways there are to be creative, we see the opportunities every where and life becomes more rich and full. How lovely is that?

An artist I admire, Michelle Caplan, has joined in the CED challenge this week. She is doing this great collage-a-day project that she's chronicling on her blog, Collage Lab. Also be sure to check out her fantastic blog called, Creative Swoon (I love the name), which is overflowing with inspiration.

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That bowl of soup looks super delicious. There is nothing like homemade soup with fresh ingredients. It is something we forget to eat on a regular basis, but it is so much fun to make.

I LOVE soup! That looks DELICIOUS!!

Looks Yummy! I am back on the creative track after a momentary lapse… this winter has been horrible to me with all the icky colds and stuff going around. :)

I totally agree with food becoming art sometimes! I LOVE creating recipies and cooking. It feels like art that not only nourishes your creative spirit, but also your tummy!

Ok, that is totally weird. I don’t know if this is showing on everyones computer, but I just posted a comment, then went to edit it (spelling! argh) and it changed the comment above mine! (Sorry Shelly Jones–I didn’t mean to change your comment! I hope it fixes itself:-))

that’s funny, jen! sorry about the weird comment stuff! it appears to have fixed itself, except that there are two comments from you now. i’ll get rid of the older one.

I love making food art. In my opinion it’s one of the ultimate forms of ephemeral art. Yesterday I found these cheesecakes that come in boxes made of chocolate, decorated with chocolate ribbons and edible paint. They look like exquisite porcelain sculptures and they made my heart jump in delight.

I need that recipe…I love seafood thrown in soup. The kids love playing with the shells, lol. I think it’s because of the cold but I’ve made soup like 3 times in the last week too. Art you can eat…how lovely is that.

inspired once again! ;) looks like this was an amazing meal~

xo ~Bella

i love pike’s market – was just looking at flowers below and remembering visiting one summer with daughter and grandson- i’m from portlan, or- so thanks neighbor for the memory- hope to come up again soon- those flower pics are real motivators!

It is amazing that once we open our eyes to it, there are so many ways we can put creativity into our every day lives. :)

yum…I made soup yesterday too (when it snows, it’s soup), but I started with canned soup and then dressed it up – which is what I usually do to save time when I’m in the midst, as I am now. But I didn’t have any bread. I had leftoevers for lunch today (before I launch into an afternoon of designing a glass torso) – and now I want bread. I guess I know where I’ll be going to stock up for dinner! mmmmm crunchy bread. nothing better.

Yummy! This looks so good. I am cooking challenged, shall we say, so something this good makes me really hungry. Oh, and thanks for dropping by my blog.

Leah, that soup looks de-lish! Enjoy. For my Creative EveryDay challenge, I too, made soup. Chicken Soup for the Soul. I would suggest that anyone who needs a friend or who needs to reconcile a relationship with a friend or their relationship with God, that they read the Heartwarming story that I’ve written.

Hey, looks like R.R.s book came in handy! This is really cool that you have all your art everyday pieces in one place…so much to look at! xoxo

I agree, new recipes taps into the creative side of our brains. What a wonderful way to play and share. I can almost smell your meal when I look at the photo.

Yummy! Are those things that look like tofu potatoes?

OK! Where have I been? Love the concept of ‘Creative Everyday’! I try to do that and didn’t realize there was a group that sounded like what I do! I want to join!

Ahhh, I have been experimenting with new recipes lately. Or amybe I should say…cooking in general as the kitchen is my least favorite place to be. But, it has been a wonderful creative satisfying endeavor, adn has also made grocery shopping sooo much more interesting. (My second other least favorite place to be) Now if only I had taken photos. Hmmm…perhaps of tonights culinary experiment. Happy Sunday!

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