Creative Every Day – January 14th – 20th

January 14th, 2008

CED2008 participants! Feel free to leave a comment here with a link to post(s) about your creative activities during the week of 1/14/08 - 1/20/08.

Happy creating!

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Please add my name/blog site to your list of CED2008 participants. This challenge is right up my alley!

BTW, the posts on my blog this last week relates to drawing some cartoons for submission to my editor, and quilting everyday on my quilting machine and participating in Illustration Friday.

Great idea! Please add my name. This mornings creative energy went towards getting the kids out of bed even though school was cancelled, (ortho appt.) Creative solution…bribery….dunkin donuts breakfast!

I did some throw-away creating on Sunday. Nothing spectacular but still another way of creating:

Please add my name, as I’ve just started a blog to show my creativity and publicise my Etsy shop!

Yes! I whant to join :-) I just started a similar challange with some friends so this is perfect for me :-) I write in Swedish but my blog has a lot of pictures documenting what I’m up to.

Karins creative 2008 :

I was referred to your blog by a friend. I’d also like to join the Creative Every Day 2008 challenge.

My blog is Musings from the Moonroom: Thoughts on Art, Inspiration, Creativity and Spirit. You’ll find it at:



I don’t know how to do Track backs so if you do please leave one at my blog. I have been working on Artist Trading Cards and taking photo’s. You can view my work at and

I also made a promise to myself to be creative every day and so far I’ve managed it :)

I am making some postcards for the WCA’s Sustaining Our Environment exhibit. I posted my second postcard titled “Hope to Atone (What the Snow Melt Revealed)” here:


Just visiting around. I haven’t done so much in terms of actual art, since the kids and hubby have been home for the last three weeks, but I’ve done lots of cleaning/organizing the studio (pictures right here at and painted a cool old cupboard (right here at

aaaagh! My links (see above) should not have parentheses at the end of them! Please do come see what I’ve been up to in the studio! The links are


I’m photographing every day, and posting my favorite image at

I have pledged to myself to post my 7 days of art every Monday. So as of today I did my 2nd weeks worth of creating every day. First week was all ATCs, this week photography and ATCs.

Maryellen (aka CattyCat)

Hmmmm…I made an owl this weekend using fusible interfacing. With all this creativeness I had to venture off into other media. Very fun and easy to use.

Oh, I’ve been one crafty lady…!!

I’d love to hear some real artist’s comments about what I’ve been pulling out of my head.

Just having fun at


Well, you know what they say about good intentions. :)

I finally posted on the first 16 days of my participation in this endeavor…

Blissings, April

I have just completed the 4th page of my art journal. This piece has been lingering with me over the last five days. I’m a slow…lol…what can I say. I very happy because piece was a hugh accomplishment for me…it includes my first hand-cut stencil…yeah!

Ok, just in case I haven’t done this already. I’ve been busy.

Along with some other things, I posted my latest mermaids here:

I’m loving this challenge!!

I am in no way an artist–can’t draw or even doodle–but today, instead of beating my head because I couldn’t find the write words for my story, I did a NEW creative thing. I used an online illustrator –you just point and click and voila you’ve made a comic strip character–and then suddenly a comic strip. I am so tickled by the fact that I “drew” something. I share the link here

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