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January 9th, 2008

Today's (Tuesday's) creativity was mainly found in trying to make thank you note writing an enjoyable experience. I'm down to the last of my wedding thank you notes and as I finished them up, I exclaimed to the hubster, "I'm never getting married again!" :-)

I made the cards fun by using sparkly pens and pretty stamps and writing addresses with silver metallic ink on pretty brown paper and using cool postage stamps. Sure, I probably could have finished them quicker with less embellishing, but what fun would that be? I'm too pooped to photograph the notes, but I'm sure there'll be a couple more to write along the way, so perhaps I'll snap a shot then...or not! The stamps and paper and pens were all picked up at Paper Source a good place to make card making of all kinds more enjoyable. Plus, I just love their motto: "Do Something Creative Every Day." I may have to get one of their mugs that say that on it!


I've been seeing so many cool links recently, that I need to share some of them before my mind overflows and I forget to post them!

First, a super cool blog called Today's Creative Blog, from Kim of Scrap To My Lu which features loads of amazing creative blogs. Seriously, inspiration overload here.

Second, I got the latest astrology email from Rob Brezsny today and haven't even read it as I went off on a tangent from his link to Jonathan Zap. The site features a tool called the Zap Oracle which is something like a tarot reading, which you can try for free there. He has a lot of interesting writing, one article in particular got my attention. It was linked to one of the images in a reading on Zap's Oracle Page which was called "The Fire of Now." I felt a bit of synchronicity there since the word I chose for this year is "Now." The quote the accompanied the image was:

Yesterday is ashes, tomorrow wood, only today the fire burns brightly.
— Native American saying

Anyways, the article, which is called, "Kill the Time Grid and Fire Up Your Life," sounds quite odd I'll admit. But it's all about living in the now and I could relate to and appreciate much of what Zap has to say here about the suffering that is caused by living in some imagined future instead of being in the present. I get too easily hyped up and anxious and I've been getting the strong sense that in some areas of my life, I really need to slow down and be still. It feels like there's a sort of paradox between being more active and being more still, but I also feel like these things are connected. I'm not able to be articulate about this quite yet, which is one reason why I love making art! So much easier for me to express myself that way.

Well, other links will have to be shared later as it's suddenly very late. Hope you're all finding creativity in your everyday lives! It has been fun so far to think over all the ways I infuse creativity into my everyday life. I often share the visual art, but I notice the creativity in all sorts of things, from the thank you note writing I mentioned today, to the swirling of honey into a cup of tea this afternoon and the website work this morning. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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I also get Rob Breszny’s weekly news, and when visiting Jonathan Zap’s site I also picked “Now”! Like yourself, I am sometimes too wound up and have to settle myself into the now, which I do every day by meditating, making art, and being creative!

Great links!
Last year I went to paper source and I was drooling the whole time. I would love to take a class there if I lived closer.

I don’t know how you do everything that you do!
Wow, you accomplish so much.
I’m trying to do something creative every day, even if it’s only journalling and cleaning my apartment for now. lol

You NEED that mug! It is SO you!!!

It is such a coinsedence that you are using the word “now”. I have been trying to get a friend of mine to live in the now. She has a so-called boyfriend living in Argentina while she is in school in Arizona. All she does is think about how life will be “when” she moves there. Her conversations consist of things she will do as opposed to things she can do now. She is living her life in future plans as opposed to living now. I just want her to open her eyes and live in the now before this time passes her by and she no longer has the opportunity to enjoy life in the now. Thanks for the Zap Oracle link!! I appreciate it.

love these links thanx 4 sharing!!

today I have been ohhh so creative, uploading art to my sites, yesterday I bought paint shop pro & created a piece, just uploaded it to my blog~

off to work on some art journals to put in my etsy store~

curious if this is what we are supposed to do?! ;) write our creative endevours in the comments section~

xo ~Izabella

I think you need the mug, too. I finally posted in the month of January, not that we are too far into it. I was just hoping to get going w/ the creative every day thing on the 1st! I love how you’ve linked everyone! So many to enjoy. Please feel free to link me. I hope your Wednesday is wonderful!

I really love the links – especially the zap oracle – found that one to be very interesting…I enjoyed reading through a sample reading…
Thanks for sharing it all…

thanks so much for the shout out! Very cool blog you have……can’t wait to come back. I got your email, just haven’t had time to respond yet. :)

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