January 5th, 2008

I made the above piece yesterday, I spent a long time fussing over the final details and I probably could have kept picking at it, but for now, I'll leave it be. Perhaps after I return home at the end of the weekend, I'll look at it with fresh eyes and know if it's done for me or if I want to work it more. I'm calling it, "Memory Cycles" and it's about 10"x14" with collaged paper and acrylic paint on watercolor paper. I worked with collage items, mainly given to me from a friend. The bicycle guys really caught my eye and it went from there. I had all different ideas of where to go with the collage when it was done, but the female figure seemed to be the one that wanted to be painted the most. So, I painted here and the circles in, along with the bicycle in her skirt. Then I painted in the writing in the middle of the page and added various touches with paint. The hubster joked, "Man, that girl hates bicycles." Very funny, hubster! :-) Actually, I think it has to do with memory, the woman is thinking back over her life, lost in thought, and her mind is focusing on the cycles her life seems to go in. The bicycles are just a common, repeating theme in her life. I think everyone has those things that pop up at every stage.

Anyways, it was fun to make. I was feeling very productive yesterday as I had some deadlines. Deadlines seem to help get me going sometimes, so I need to figure out how to make them for myself in a way that's real and effective. I don't want to stress myself out, but a little pressure or push to move forward would be good. I used to push myself out of fear. I would push myself to exercise like a mad woman out of fear that I'd gain weight. Well, I've moved past that and into a space where I'm exercising to be healthy, but I'm not fitting it into my life as much as I'd like. This has been the tricky part...finding ways to do what's best for myself without the fear factor in there. The creativity challenges I've made for myself and others have been a good example of working with a challenge that doesn't involve fear. In the Art Every Day Month Challenge and the Creative Every Day 2008 challenge, I really emphasized a gentle, low pressure approach because I want to encourage creativity, not add stress to my life or anyone else's life. And for me, these challenges work. I did a post recently for Wellness Wednesday about how to challenge yourself and I laid out what works for me. So, now I need to find ways to apply this in other areas of my life...Well, I think I'll work on that 5% rule and see if I can add just 5% more of this gentle push in other areas of my life and see what happens.

Hope your weekend is a creative one! I'll be doing creative things while I'm away, but I probably won't post about them until I get back (Monday.) I may not be able to get back to you right away if you comment or email this weekend. But I will get back to you on Monday. Also, I believe the list of CED participants is up to date as of Friday evening. So, if you don't see your blog up there and it should be (or if you'd like it to be), then pop me an email or leave a comment. I'm human and mix things up sometimes, so please let me know if I've made an error!

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Very nice piece of artwork. Well done!

I love how you are giving yourself a gentle push. I too am being very gentle with myself lately. I don’t think we do that enough in our society because there is so much of this “all or nothing” message mixed in with “you have to just do it today”

balance ~ balance ~ balance; That is the message I have for myself.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

I love the art piece here and understand about how hard it can be leave things we create alone. Pushing for perfection paralyzes me all too often, so I’m happy for the gentle nudge this CED 2008 project provides. Since starting my two blogs not quite eleven weeks ago, I’ve tried to remain playful and experiment with possibilities without worrying about “expectations” from within and without. Some days I do that more successfully than others, but the journey is fun. I’m excited to visit new blogs each day and see what others are creating. Enjoy your weekend away from it all and return refreshed.
Hugs and blessings,

I love this! I could see this hanging in my hallway.

I love this! I could see this hanging in my hallway.

I really like what you have done-
I made a comment yesterday and would like to be included in the “challenge”
-thanks for your inspirations and thoughtful words-have a great weekend-too

i think that piece turned out perfectly beautiful.


Hello, just found your link on a friends blog and would love to join in your challenge, hope this is ok. Off to explore your pages now, bye for now, Judy x

I love this piece, it really evokes emotion to me. I am slso loving this challenge so far.


I will be posting my creations without a schedule, but I do create everyday and I will indicate each days creations on my blog.

Love the bicycle in her skirt. The piece just melds together so nicely. I love it, as usual. :)

Happy weekend!


Karen Beth :)

I find the medium of collage to be absolutely wonderful. Using things that have already been created to inspire to create further is a joyful concept. I also feel thankful for the times when I’m forced to leave a creation and return to it fresh. Most times, I won’t walk away on my own but when I do out of necessity, I am thankful for the new perspective. I hope next week brings you fresh perspective and creative joy!

Love it….as always…love the mixed collage of the piece…
I hope you have a beautiful weekend….

So I did 5% more push ups this morning which was equivalent to the down motion of the push up. I do ten each morning, so today when I reached ten and landed at the up position, I lowered myself back down. PHEW!

I posted yesterday my January 1-4 daily creative activities.

hello, there! I’m making some personal creativity goals this year, too, and am interested in being a creative every day participant! hope it’s not too late . . . bridget at The Matchbook –

For some reason this piece reminds me of a book I once read called The Five People you Meet in Heaven. I don’t remember the book very well except that it left me with a feeling that is provoked as well by this piece of art you’ve made. My mind is a circus of random connections. One day I hope I’ll be able to make it work for me instead of against me.

I hope your weekend rocks hardcore.


lovely collage—I like the layered look…
I just posted on my blog my last 2 days Creative Every Day

Hi, just dropping a note to say I’ve picked up your logo and I’m joining in your Creative everyday challenge. thanks for the great idea!

i really love the thought you provoke with this piece…thought of you the other day in pier 1 imports (saw your craft table on sale, sale, sale as a floor model) go get it!

What I also love about this piece is that women are in a constant state of cycles.. be it the monthly, the emotional.. We’re like wheels that never stop spinning. I really love this one. xo

Can you pop my link up in the CED 2008 blog roll?

Love love love your blog! And please sign me up for CED 2008. My blog, “Creative Fallout” can be found at

I’d like to join the Create Every Day challenge. Please let me know how to do that! I have recently discovered my love of redeeming junk or repurposing just about anything in the quest to spend less and enjoy things more!


I really like this art piece, she looks introspective thinking back on the cycles in her life, ebb and flow? new starts and old endings.

I don’t think that creativity ever can stress me, only productivity can… :-)

take care!

what a wonderful art piece ~ so wonderful and i love your ‘creative every day’ challenge, it feels gentle and beautiful and something that i can achieve, please sign me up :) i’ve been seeing it all over my friends blogs!! thank you ever so much, xox

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