January 23rd, 2008

I just found a lot of emails in my spam folder from people wanting to join in CED. Sorry about that! I will get those up on the list later today. Sorry for the delay and sorry if you felt like I was ignoring you. I need to check my spam folder more often apparently!

Update: O.k. I've cleared out my spam folder and I believe I have responded to everyone who as asked to be added to the list as of today at 3:30 p.m. EST. So, if you don't see your name up there and it should be, please let me know!

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Please add me to the CED group. This is such a great idea – I can’t wait to get involved. Thanks.

Your page is really inspiring!!! I also want to join ‘Creative Every Day 2008′. I do drawing/ painting and photography (as well as cooking, but those experiments are not on my blog ;-) .

Yes, this is what I just wrote about today.. so lovely to have flowers in the house in the winter… and so inspiring. Just what I needed :-)

I would love to be involved in your Create Everyday 2008 challenge. Thanks so much!

Hope it’s not to late to participate! I’d love to join in. I make gentle soaps, Room Refresh® sprays, embellished sachets and scented soy candles by hand in Grapevine, TX.



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