Flowers in the Winter

January 23rd, 2008


Yesterday's creativity involved doodling on an old drawing, picking out colorful tulips at the store, and putting them in vases to brighten up a gray day. Flowers in your home are another super sweet and simple delight. You may think that you need a special occasion for flower buying. You don't. Treating yourself to a bright bunch of tulips is a wonderful way to take care of yourself and bring more color and creativity into your life. The pictures in this post are from my trip with the hubster to Seattle last summer. We were visiting the Pike Place Market and my mind exploded in color at the sight of the flowers they had for sale there. Gorgeous flowers in every shape and color. They seemed larger than life, so full and thick, almost surreal. Perhaps its the moist Seattle air that makes the flowers so gorgeous? And they were incredibly cheap too!


I mean,  look at those peonies!  I stuck my face in a few to take big whiffs and feel their soft petals. If I lived in Seattle, my home would be overflowing with flowers, I'm sure of it. Wintertime in New England, flowers are not so cheap and full, but I did find some cheery yellow tulips with reddish pink edges that look quite lovely in the blue vase I have in the window. And two extra tulips are in a little red vase in the kitchen too.

Brightening your space in small and large ways can be a wonderful way to express yourself creatively. Simply changing the arrangement of your furniture can give such a fantastic change of perspective and new energy to a space. I'm trying to figure out how to rearrange my studio right now.

Here's some more juicy inspiration for you:

- The blog housemartin is all about home decor and floral design. If you're needing some floral inspiration, do check out all the gorgeous pictures there!

- Kara of Mother Henna has a cool online exhibit of art relating to Peace on her website A Peace Of... Check out the cool art there and maybe submit something you've created!

- The website Normal Room shows pictures of interiors from around the world. Loads of fun interior spaces to see there!

- Lastly, from one of my favorite websites, decor8, check out Holly's flickr group of Creative Collections. I love the cool and quirky collections there.

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gorgeous flowers!

amazing peonies! I had some beautiful ones in my bouquet at our wedding. We also have a lasting reminder of them, the platter in our fancy dinner wear has a beautiful pink one on it.

Hey you were in my backyard! Next time you come for a visit, call me and we can sniff the flowers together. And get coffee. You have to do both in Seattle. :)

Beautiful and so inspiring!

I used to buy flowers for myself when I lived alone but haven’t done that in forever. I need to do that again soon. YOU have inspired ME, once again. :)

Thank you so much for your inspiration to make changes! It is always a creative thing to do!

Have a Beautiful Day

hi leah–i have flowers on my post today, too. (pictures taken at the local market here in SEATTLE.) please let me know if you ever make it this way again. we will go and load up a boat load of flowers together!!

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