Happy New Year You Creative Geniuses!

January 1st, 2008

Just wanted to pop in quickly to say Happy New Year! I got a late start this morning after being up late for New Year's Eve celebrations and then doing one of my favorite things...sleeping in with a snuggly hubster and kitties. I woke up to the fattest snowflakes I've ever seen falling fast outside my window. I'm not a big fan of winter and cold, but being inside and watching these ginormous flakes fall, I felt such joy. It felt like the perfect start to a beautiful year ahead! The hubster and I set to work making a delicious breakfast of fluffy eggs, and using leftover potatoes to make hash browns with onions and left over asparagus. Fresh coffee and o.j. rounded it out and well, I'm quite full.

I've just updated the list of Creative Every Day 2008 participants in the sidebar. So, if you don't see your blog on there or you'd like to be added, just let me know! And be sure to check here for more information on the challenge if you have no idea what in the world I'm talking about. I may refer to the challenge as CED or CED2008 from here on out because I like to shorten things like that. :-)

I'm thrilled about the creative energy surrounding this group. And even if you aren't joining in the challenge officially, feel free to participate in whatever way you feel comfortable. My goal here is to encourage creativity in the lives of others, even if it's just the the tiniest bit. Just give it a try and see where it leads.

And if you've started today and haven't done anything creative yet, here are some ideas of where you could start:

- Pull out some magazines and make a collage about the things you'd like to bring into your life in 2008.
- Rearrange a bookshelf.
- Make cookies.
- Doodle on your junk mail.
- Make a flip-book
- Color in a coloring book
- Make a snowman
- Create a dance routine in your pajamas
- Draw your hand
- Knit something warm and cozy
- Make hot chocolate with a special something added to it and sprinkle chocolate shavings over it.
- Paint your toenails with different layers of color
- Photograph your shoes
- Build a fort
- Write a haiku
- Play the guitar

Well, there are some ideas to get you started. I'm off to answer some emails and get my own creative juices flowing. Have fun and Happy, Happy New Year!

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Most inspiring post. Made me want to stop & do some of them. I have a few ideas of my own too. I did cut some things like flowers & words out of junk mail. Have been cutting old Christmas cards too. I recyle them. Use them as gift tags, etc. I have discovered peppermints goes really good in hot chocolate. Happy New Year. Happy Creating. Keep up the good work.


those are some great ideas to start off with….so glad you are in and not outside with those big snowflakes…I was always amazed at the size that some snowflakes can get…lol
I hope your day is just as relaxing and you get in more snuggle time…
I look forward to the CED life –

I’ve got to add my button and get my creative juices flowing. I think tonight I’ll do some knitting – creative without having to make myself nuts.

Happy New Year to you and here’s to fabulous creations through out the year!

I’ll join in! I’m looking forward to a creative 2008.

I’m an unofficial joiner. While I haven’t “signed” up I am planning on being CED for 2008. I started by adding a page in my art journal and by beginning a new knit hat. Yay! your morning sounded delicious and I am so happy your 2008 had such a relaxed and homey start.

I actually did get started. Nothing to post yet but I did a drawing that I’m going to use colored pencils on for a project with friends. so I did get started on day one. I like your first one on the list. Make a collage. Maybe after I get my own list whittled down. ;)
Thanks for adding me to the ced 2008 list.

Happy New year to you! first thing on the list is what I did. Spent new years eve tearing out images and today began my collages. I’m intending on doing a series of collage “intentions” for the new year… and here we go…….let the creativity flow :-)

Oh, yes! I want to be creative every day. It might be a stretch, but I want to give it a good go. Please add me to your CED2008 list. Now I need to go make something!

Today I knit some on the tiny baby booties I’m knitting for my first grandchild—due in 7 months! I almost have the first bootie done and will post some “work in progress” (or WIP) photos in the next couple of days on my blog. I’m really happy to be doing this creative every day endeavor–I am pretty much creative every day, but it will be good to keep track of my creativeness, and also to share more (online) of what I am creating.

Hi…I’m in!!!
I eMailed you with my info.
This is wonderful!!!
Happy creating!

Would love to join everyone on this creative adventure. Although I found this post a day late , I did create a drawing yesterday .

Happy New Year !

Thanks so much for doing this challenge. I made a delicious soup and baked a cake yesterday for my creative endeavors. And by paying attention I also came up with lots of ideas for future projects. This is going to be a fun year!!

I try to be a little creative every day in my own lazy way. Does that count?

I want to wish you a Happy New Year with lots of good art in it and tons of creativity for me to admire. I love looking at your work, so I am being very selfish.

Hi –please visit my blog to see my current creative daily post:

I’m unsure how this works though–should I post my link here everyday in the comments? or do you have somewhere else for us to post our daily link? thanks…..

I would like to join your challenge, if I may, I am already participating in two challenges, Calendar Girls 2008 and Take if Further but good things go in 3’s they say and this just seemed to add the final touch. Thanks to the Lavender Loft for the link.

Happy New Year, Leah! So much going on in your corner of the world! I love that you are going to write a book about creativity, I know it will be fabulous and totally inspiring. It is wonderful to see how you have been leaping from strength to strength ever since I started reading your blog (under the old name even!) a couple of years ago. I can literally feel the energy coming out of this project and it is very exciting. Wishing you a happy, healthy, creative and magical 2008! Kxx

Have jewelry to post, and a very clean studio floor because the sink (laundry) overflowed. =] Both very creative. And for the latter, I almost got very creative with my language too, until I realized that it was just an early push from the Universe to please clean the floor of all that clay dust. Mission accmoplished.

I would love to join your challenge. This is right along with my “little word” and intentions for the year. Fun. Thanks.

Please can you add me to your Creative Challenge Everyday. What a great idea! Thanks Liz.

Thanks for adding my sites to the blogroll. I’m excited by the creative possibilities ahead and look forward to seeing what others do. I did a review of my first 10 weeks as a blogger on both of my blogs on January 1st and my first two Wordless Wednesday posts yesterday (one series of 5 photos on each). These are the links:


Hugs and blessings,

Okay I haven’t been very up to date with CED challange but I will try harder this year.
I am doing a collage or two tomorrow.
I don’t see my name on the list but maybe you are still working on it.
I want to participate
Treasure Barn

I’d love to be added to the list of CED 2008 participants!

I’m always so inspired when I come by here to visit–Last November (2006) was a real turning point for me and my art, and I think that Art Every Day was a huge part of that–thanks!

I know I might be late but this sounds exactly what I need to do this year. If it’s ok that I join, please add me to the list of participants.

This wounds like fun. Am I too late to join?

please sign me up to Creative Every Day

I’d love to take your challenge! Please add me to the list.

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