The Year in Review

January 1st, 2008

One of the cool things about blogging is that you can look back over the year and see some of the accomplishment that you've completely forgotten about and maybe give yourself some credit! So, I like to do a year in review every year and here it is for the year 2007:

January: Hosted a month of Sunday's Creative Challenge Day at Create a Connection. Chose the word "commitment" for my theme for the year in honor of my upcoming wedding and the commitment to myself and my art. Started working part-time instead of full-time in my nanny job as I slowly transition out of the job I'd held for 6 years. Made a video vision statement.

February: Submitted two pieces to Artstream's Lovely Hearts exhibition to raise money for breast cancer research. Graduated from the two year massage school program I attended. Phew! Began hosting an online group through Julia Cameron's "Finding Water" with Jessie. Received a book of Edgar All Poe's writing from Vedrana from Croatia in a book swap.

March: Showed 3 pieces in a group show of contemporary women artists at a Boston University. Saw a gorgeous, haunting exhibit on jellyfish.  Planned and hosted a big surprise party for the hubster's 30th birthday complete with bowling and ice cream cake. :-) Had my last day of work as a nanny. Started working for myself full time.

April: Worked hard on re-designing my art website and store. The hubster got a small (14 gallon), mesmerizing salt water tank.  Finished a large commissioned painting.  Found gorgeous dresses for my co-maids of honor. Attended a weekend mixed-media workshop and tried encaustic painting for the first time (loved it!)

May: Continued working hard on the website. Created one of my favorite paintings to date, The Lighthouse. Traveled for a wedding, a bridal shower, to see a friend's new home and a birthday party.

June: Got my art website up and running. Hoorah! Went to the opening of Mindy's "Wish Studio" and met many fabulous blogging gals! Went with the hubster on an unplanned trip to Seattle. Had a blast! Participated in the hubster's brother's wedding in NY. Attended a friend's wedding in Boston. A bird flew into our apartment and Tabbers caught it and brought it to me (I was in bed.)  Sent out our save-the-dates (magnet we designed mounted on a card printed at home.) and found the perfect wedding earrings (and my something blue!) Continued making loads of art. Best friend had her first baby.

July: Turned 31. Had my first wedding dress fitting and found shoes to go with it. Traveled to Boulder, CO for a wedding. Loved Boulder! Donated a piece of art for the Angels for Brianna auction.  Created my own special life binder. Lots of cool synchronicity. 

August: Had a creepy stalker experience. Made lots and lots of art. Took a class on art promotion. Had my bridal shower. Sent out the wedding invitations.

September: Family difficulties. Registered for Artfest 2008. Went to a totally awesome mini retreat with new friends, hosted by the lovely Jes. And they threw a surprise shower for me! Showed a series of my Subway Stories pieces at the "Tiny Enormous Show" at Nahcotta and sold them all. Attended my brother my brother's lovely wedding in NY. Had a pottery painting bachelorette party! Had way too many hair trials. Made a cute button for Wellness Wednesday which is hosted by Elena of Lunar Musings.

October: Took care of loads of last minute wedding stuff. Put together many, many programs with the best friend. Got married! Recovered from wedding and read some books for fun.

November: Hosted the fifth annual "Art Every Day Month!" Met some fabulous new artists along the way. Made loads of art. Submitted art to Patti Digh's art card challenge. Spent a weekend nannying for the family I used to work for. Worked with resin for the first time. Dug into defining beliefs. Made lots of art every day. Got mentioned on the Blogher website. Showed art on the zine, All Things Girl. Spent Thanksgiving with hubster's family in NY. Started making plans for Creative Every Day 2008.

December: Wrote my 200th post on this blog (those I promised a special something for being the first five to comment, can expect something shortly after the New Year!) Got a new car with (gasp!) power windows! Announced that I'm writing a book on creativity. Synchronicity abounds. Hosted a week at Create a Connection. Chose my theme for 2008: "Now."

I always feel like I'm not doing enough, but looking back I see that I did quite a lot in 2007 and I also know that the whole wedding thing took up a great deal of my time and energy. I'm feeling ready to step into another wonderful year.

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Leah, Im looking forward to Creative Every Day and what that will mean. So much, it seems to me, has to do with attitude and not just product. Woohoo
~Sue O’Kieffe

What a REMARKABLE year!!! You really are how I just described you in a blog post: abundantly creative AND creatively abundant! Oh, Leah, witnessing your evolution as you continue to expand as an artist is a joy to behold. I wish you continued abundant creativity, love, joy and prosperity in 2008. Blessings to you, sweetie. xoxo

Wow what a year you had! I would love to join in on the
Creative Every Day! I love this idea!!! Thanks for starting
it!!! I posted about it on my blog and on Violettes Folk Art
Message Board. Have a Very Blessed Year in 2008!


happy new year! i would love to join your creativity challenge and hope to see my name on the list soon!! (i tried this once before so hope it works this time.) i love what you are “creating” here!! look forward to more contact in this great new year! cheers!

Aloha and Happy New Year! I found you via Marilyn @The Land of Moo and I think this is a great idea, one that I’d love to participate in! May I join you? :)

Wow! You DID do a lot! Getting married, of course, is a big one. :)

When in July is your birthday? I may have asked you this before but my memory is horrible. Mine is July 26.

Hope you are having a lovely first day of 2008!!!


Karen Beth :)

What an awesome year for you Leah! Congrats!

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