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January 27th, 2008

Oh, that's frustrating! I wrote post yesterday with all these links and then last night I saw that it wasn't there. Where'd it go? I don't know! How frustrating! Anyways, I'll try and replicate it to a degree. I've got some new "Subway Stories" art to share with you. This first one (above) is 10"x10" and it's titled, "Kenmore." The father and son figures are thinking about the baseball game they're headed to. And the woman is a graduate student and is going through her to-do list.

This next piece is 8"x8" and is titled, "Newton Center." The  man on the right has twin babies at home and he's exhausted. He keeps nodding in and out of sleep and hoping that he won't sleep through his stop like he did last week. The woman on the left has noticed the man behind her is snoring. She's thinking about her plans for the evening and a friend of hers she hasn't seen much of lately because she's tired of hearing about how her boyfriend is treating her like dirt when she won't do anything about it. Both pieces are on cradled wood panel with collaged papers (subway maps, phone book pages, train schedules), acrylic, and ink. These pieces will be available at the Nahcotta show in Portsmouth, N.H. next month. I'm so excited about this show and the opportunity to see the artwork of some truly awesome artists in person. You can check out the postcard for the show here and see the list of artists involved. All the artwork in the Tiny Enormous Show III, will be 10"x10" or smaller and affordable. If you can't go to the show, you can still contact Nahcotta directly and make a purchase through them. More about this later in the week.

It's snowing here and I'm feeling sleepy despite the yummy coffee that the hubster made for us. But I've got a soft kitty on my lap, so life is good! :-)

Yesterday, some of my creativactivities involved re-vamping my inspiration/cork board. I'll share some pictures of that later on. I'd actually love to get some new and bigger cork boards. There's actually a very cool flickr group of inspiration boards and a blog dedicated to them too! Do you keep an inspiration board?

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Funny, I JUST shared my cork board on my blog yesterday! I like the Subway art and the personalities and stories behind the scenes! Don’t you just love the cozy just right feeling? Enjoy it!

Love your stories that you have crafted along with your artwork!! Too sweet :)

I’m looking at my inspiration board right now and it’s not very inspiring! I need to reorganize it-pronto!

Just wanted to say that i really love your blog. I think the idea of challenging yourself to do something creative every day is awesome. I am fairly new to art, and so i think this is a perfect challenge for me to do too. I’ve created a blog to document my goal of doing something creative every day here: http://www.meisterdalediane.blogspot.com

Thank you so much for your inspiration.


I love the stories that go with your subway artwork! I checked out the postcard & I’m honored to know someone on it.

I really enjoyed your art today and the stories that go with it. You have such an imagination! I am all cozy here in my bathrobe with a cup of coffee. Sometimes life is that simple.

I’m enjoying your subway series. I’m also in MA and find the untold stories of subway riders quite intriguing.


Kewl! A link to an inspiration board group?! I’m soooo there…

Is it just me, or do your lines look much more confident in the latest subway pieces?

Beautiful as always.


As always – they are AWESOME – love the stories you have attached to them…really wonderful!!!
I checked out that inspirational board group – great ideas…I helped my daughter set up one in her room but never did one for myself – now I have a bit more motivation for it!!!
thanks for sharing it all

So worth the effort of posting again – I love these new pieces & the stories they tell.
You reminded me of a dream I had last night. I was in Europe & commuting via ferry.
My CED involves sketching & researching & assembling parts. Will blog it soon.

thanks for the mention :^) and i look forward to seeing your board!

If your art is going to be in that show, you must be one of those awesome artists! Why do artists never think they are as good as another? But I hope you get to meet whomever you think is awesome. Your work looks pretty awesome to me!

hey leah….i have been admiring your pieces on eta iii. i am so glad that i found your site. i am in the show too! pretty exciting stuff for me. good luck with the show.


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