Cat Naps and Creative Fun

February 27th, 2008

Yes, another picture of Tabbers sleeping upside down. This time on a sweater. It's just so cute though, I had to share. :-) Tabs, or as I've been calling him lately, Mr. Whiskers, thinks his main job in life is see how many places and ridiculous positions he can sleep in in a twenty four hour period. Yesterday, I saw him taking power naps in bed, on the couch, on top of a bag, on a sweater, on the bathroom rug, on top of the kitty tree, on top of the kitty castle, in a plastic tub, in two different boxes, in my lap, and in several doorways. He's a busy guy!

I'm feeling loads better today and got a lot done this morning. Last night, I made some new to and from labels for shipping out art and today I printed them out and put them to work on some prints getting shipped out. Above is the to label. I blocked out my address, so that's why there's a blue stripe in the middle. And below, a couple of my larger prints waiting to be packed up. Those two are Lighthouse and Dark Tree.

I'm really enjoying A New Earth. It ties in to a lot of things I've read and oddly enough, there are some similar messages in The Now Habit which focuses on conquering procrastination. Author of The Now Habit, Neil Fiore actually has a blog (who doesn't these days?) with links to some of his work, such as the website about his book, Awaken Your Strongest Self. There are some audio links included there that talk about separating your sense of self from your ego which is what A New Earth has been focused on in the first few chapters. Interesting stuff.

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Hi Leah!

I LOVE my print! It is wonderful and I will blog about it within the next week. I just realized that I was going to send you a thank you, but I let my son paint on the mailing envelope yesterday… silly me! That is what I get for recycling – I will definitely post the “artwork”. Could you email me your address? Thank you!!


I like the title of the one book ‘The Now Habit’–I have been “afflicted” with procrastination for a long time now. One of these days I’ll do something about it.. LOL. ;)

Love your prints, they look lovely. I’ve never thought to put labels on the back of mine, great idea!

The labels are a great idea.

Napping in different positions all day … what a life! :)

It is great news to hear you are feeling better! Whew! And moving right along to mailing and printing and….and….and… I hope the sun is shining in your town today!

Your prints are wonderful! Keep up the great work, Leah!

Your work is so beautiful! I love the prints and tags. So glad you are feeling better. Scratch kitty behind the ears for me. :)

What a cute Kitty- you prob hear this all the time but I swear he looks just like my Herby (seriously they could be twins, I left a link if you want to see a pic) who also prides himself in his ability to lay/nap everywhere and look absolutely adorable (not to mention lure you yourself into a “catnap”). Just adorable! Your art is also beautiful I must say, and I will be back to visit!

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