One of These Is Not Like the Other

February 15th, 2008

Seems I've got a Sesame Street theme going on here. I haven't watched the show in ages, but looking at these stamp images brought the song to mind.

Still feeling pretty awful unfortunately, but in the gaps between my fevers, I wanted to try out my hand carved stamp yesterday. I took a quick pic of it today to share. Cute, eh? I think I need a real carving tool next time I try this, but this was a super fun experiment.

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The beauty of them is that they are all different!

Get well soon!

so sorry to hear you are still feeling poorly. i am glad you had the energy to bring this little bit of joy to my day! i love the stamp.

stamp carving is one more item of creative want to’s!!! feel better soon!!!

That stamp is great! Hope you feel better soon!

That the stamp is great! Hope you feel better soon.

Sorry you have the flu, Leah. Get well soon.

I remember that song very well, and now you have me singing the whole thing in my head! This is a lovely image. Even sick, you are the creating woman, awesome.

I have moved over to Wordpress. Here’s my new link:

Very nice! I like the thick and thin lines. I purchased new blades the other day for carving and oooh there is nothing like new sharp blades.

I love the hand-carved stamp art! It looks organic and unique…keep it up! I hope you get to feeling better:-)

Leah – are you going to post how you made the stamp? how cool is that! I want to know how so I can make clay stamps. =]
Great first day at the Philly show. About dead on my feet, but happy I came.

One of these things is not like the others? Love the stamp, Leah. Hope you’re feeling better. Get well soon~xOx

Love the stamp! Hope you’re feeling better – get well soon~xOx

I like the design and the rough feel of the edges. It’s quite lovely made with whatever tool you used! I hope you feel better soon… It pretty much sucks to be sick for days on end…no energy, no exercise, no productivity… I know:> It’s been a wretched week for me too. Lets gather the healing vibes and send those flus and colds packing!

Hope you’re feeling better Leah. That stamp is fab and i’d also love to know how you made it! Just been catching up with your blog and downloaded the fantastic Design for Mankind ezine. Following this, and thinking about where we all get inspiration from, I thought I’d post about a book called ‘The Art of Looking Sideways’- I’m raving about it to everyone at the moment! I’ve written little review on my blog here. (You might have to scroll down a bit as I posted about something else first!

I don’t comment all the time, but I do come by every day. I like your stamp very much and like the bit of roughness about it. What sort of a tool did you use?

I hope you feel better soon, everybody in the world seems to be having the flu, except for me, luckily.

Cute stamp, Leah! Hope you’re feeling better. Get well soon!
(Third times a charm – hope the comment takes this time :)

I hope you are feeling better, Leah. I haven’t had the flu this season (lucky me!) but I did have a cold a few weeks back. Love the stamp you carved. It’s really gorgeous.

Very Cute, indeed! I understand not feeling well but wanting to get to something creative. But the therapy is good in little bits. I do hope you are feeling better very soon and watching here for updates.

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