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February 5th, 2008

First off, it's Super Tuesday. Have you voted? I watched this inspiring video on Marilyn's blog. It's a bit long, 25 minutes, but definitely worth watching. What an amazing story. Definitely inspirational.

Second, this video, which I first saw at 37 Days. Something about this just cracked me up and it goes along so well with my Subway Stories art series too. :-)

And lastly, for a bit of humor combined with art, there's this video, which I saw on the Foxy Art Studio blog.

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Being from Iowa, I’ve had enough politics for awhile ;)
But, I did take time to watch the other videos. Funny thing, while watching the claymation critters, I kept hearing & seeing people I know. You could hear the same comments with real people speaking, but it sounds so different coming from animals.
Thanks for posting that.

Oh, these are great! I watched all of them. The first one really touched me…what a inspirational young man. Regardless of who you are for…to get youth going and voting is half the battle…also being that my husband came from a poor black south background…people just don’t know…don’t ‘get it’ so inspirational to see that young man make his way and share it…
The other two were funny! Thanks for sharing these…I’ve shared these with many people!

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