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March 10th, 2008

I got home last night from working at my old job for the week and I was treated to the *best* welcome home ever! I came in carrying heavy bags, dropped them at the door where I was met by fuzzy kitties and then looked up to see the hubster smiling and carrying a plate of fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. I mean, can you beat that? :-)

We shared a lovely night of snuggling, chatting and watching a movie and then went to bed. I stayed in bed a little later this morning to snuggle with the fuzzy kitties who were being exceptionally adorable.


I wanted to share a couple things with you before I get back to work. One, is that the sweet and talented Carla of Anonyrrie has started a blog about her coaching practice called Wings 4 You Coaching. As part of this new blog she is issuing a weekly challenge, Weekly Wings. The current challenge has to do with poetry. Go check it out! Speaking of poetry, my friend Betsy sent a link to this poem which I thought was wonderful. And speaking of words, today I'm loving the word, "exquisite." The word itself is exquisite.

Andrea of A Cat of Impossible Color (love the blog name by the way, Andrea!) asked if novel writing counts as part of the Creative Every Day 2008 Challenge. And the answer is, hell yeah! Anything creative counts, from gardening, to poem writing, to doodling, to cooking, to knitting, to re-arranging your bookshelf, and so on... Be creative in the ways in which you can be creative!

And I'm off...happy creating!

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Coming home to fuzzy cuddlers is the best thing in the world! You are so lucky!!

Thanks, Leah! Yes, please add me to the list of participants, thank you :)

Hi Leah! Thank you so much for the mention:> I hope you and others will stop by Wings 4 You and join the Weekly Wings challenges… I promise they’ll be both fun and enlightening:> And yes… you’re one lucky gal… kitties, cookies, and a DH who bakes… a winning combination of feel good things!

What a cool blog Wings 4 You is! Thanks for posting that link! Neato! You know… I’ve always thought about pursuing a license to be a life coach. It is always something I’ve felt drawn to. Neat that you posted that link.

The cookies sound wonderful… Mmmmmmmm… :)

Glad you got that warm fuzzy and chocolaty welcome… mmm…

I’ve noticed a really important difference between my creative self and my non-creative self – its the attitude of curiosity – if I can stay in the “lets see what happens next” mode rather than one of many others like a “I know what’ll happen next” or “I don’t care what happens next” or (whatever)…. if I get back to “lets see what happens next” then even when its a disaster (like the cards in my last posting) its fine… :-)

Yum. Cookies! How nice. Thanks for sharing the linky love. xo

I am (healthily) jealous of your evening!


Oh, my, word… I have just been reminiscing about my long-ago nanny days… and here you’ve just returned from revisiting them!!!!

Girl, I have been out of touch with you for soooo long, but I’m sooo glad to see that you are doing great and that you art is still as gorgeous as ever (and just, naturally, getting even better with time).


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