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March 19th, 2008

So my laptop is back. The trackpad was busted and now it's working, however it's ultra sensitive now, sometimes clicking on things when it shouldn't. Grr. Hopefully it will settle down.

I've had a busy few days. I received an email newsletter about the upcoming full moon which said that this particular full moon was full of signs of transition, big changes, courageous leaps and I kind of feel that. Spring always brings about that feeling for me too, so who knows what it is, but I like the energy.

In the realm of courageous leaps, I've got my first private art lesson this weekend and I'll be instructing a mother and her two kids in an hour of mixed-media fun. I've envisioned teaching as part of my life plan, but I've been afraid to jump into it. So, I'm excited and nervous about this beginning. I've also put in a couple proposals for classes at a local recreation center, so we'll see how that goes too!

Yep, still loving those inkblots. I did about seven ink blots in my little hand book yesterday, so that I'd have a bunch to play with in the future. I decided to take some quick before shots, so you can see the before and after results. There's one above. What do you see in it?

I also finished a piece of artwork that's been taking over a year to complete, mainly because it was a gift for a special person and I wanted it to be just right. And the idea of "just right" scared me from getting started for a long time and then I ran into some technical difficulties, but finally, I figured it all out and I totally love it. Hopefully she will too!

This gift is for someone who may check in here on occasion, so if a certain best friend is reading this, do not click below or you'll ruin the surprise! :-)

This is a much delayed wedding gift for my best friend and her husband. It was done with encaustic on wood with a transfer, bits of lace, ribbon, and a key added. It's approximately 9"x24".

The transfered image in an enlarged image of their wedding day.

It sure does feel good to move past the fear into creating. I've got more to share, but dinner is in the works, so that's it for now!

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First off, congratulations on completing such a beautiful gift for your friend—it’s going to be a lifetime treasure,I’m sure. I can relate to getting past the fear of simply starting something, especially if it’s a project of great importance or something you are passionate about. Good for you on getting your first private class–that’s exciting. I hope it opens the door to many others as well!

How exciting that you’re going to be teaching! And teaching a family no less. Sounds like a good time for all of you!

Your wedding gift looks amazing! What a special gift!

First, in the ink blot I saw a blue jay. Then, upon further study, it looks to me like two enthusiastic flamenco dancers wearing capes and swinging their arms back up over their heads. :) The ink blots are such a fun project. Perfect for when you may need a push, eh?

How exciting! I’m sure you will do a fabulous job. What a gift to be able to inspire others to create (as you do here every day and will be doing even more in the future)!

I see a witch playing with her dog and bird. I haven’t tried an inkblot but it looks like fun.

Good luck on your teaching. I hope you and your students have FUN.

I see two birds flying at each other in the inkblot! I love the colors.

that wedding gift is beautiful…i love handmade gifts…

in the inkblot, i also saw a witch. and a gryphon (sp?) and a pufferfish.

you know i can interpret a rorschach inkblot test, right?! ;)

congrats on the art lessons!!!

I’m still loving your ink blots too! You’ve shown me the first really good reason for getting that style of drawing book!

Truly wish you well with that art lesson – its a great thing to be doing – well done you!

Spring solstice and a full moon ! Sounds promising ! Here’s hoping it will be full of creative leaps for us all !I think I am nearing the precipice myself in many ways.
Good luck with the teaching gig ! As an elementary school teacher and art teacher for kids and adults, the best advice I can give is be prepared, have lots of choices or tricks to add in if need be and let your “students” show you the way. All any of us really need is nurturing and encouragement to let our creativity shine !
Haven’t had time yet week for ink blots (I too was working on a gift for a loved one- I hope to post pictures next week) but so looking forward to trying it out ! It looks like such a great “leaping” off point for a journal page !
Take care,

Immediately a dog leapt across the left page going toward the right and a bird appeared on the right page. Experimenting with ink blobs is fun. I’d be interested in your choice of mediums when you do the blobs. Is it actual ink or perhaps paint?

Hello! I’ve just found your site and would like to participate in Creative Every Day. What a great idea. I love it. Also, I would like very much to feature your site on my blog. If you are interested, please contact me and include a photo that you would like to have shown. I prefer photos to be about 500 pixels in width if at all possible. I hope to hear from you soon.
Happy Day!
Cookie Sunshine

What a lucky friend! That art piece is beautiful.
Feeling the same way about spring. It is so wonderful.

wishing you were close by so i could take a few art lessons from you!!!

I could use some big changes and transitions coming my way! Maybe this is the time? Oh, how I hope.

I see a lady in a big feather decorated hat on the right.

Happy Easter!

Teaching is a big leap, but it is so much fun, you are sure to enjoy it. Particularly mixed media – no rules, no failures!

I see the Sphinx on the left page of your inkblot.

How exciting that you have your first one-on-one lesson! What lucky people they are to get to learn from you! :)

oh that’s the reason I’ve been grumpy and out of sorts for weeks?! here comes transition time. Should have known. You’d think I’d have learned this stuff by now.

Lovely gift for your friends – isn’t it funny how when we start saying things like “special” in our minds it just freezes everthing up?

It’s been such fun watching your inkblots, I just may have to have a hand at it sooner or later; however, I don’t know that my imagination works as well as yours does. But nothing ventured nothing gained. Thanks for sharing!

teehee, it’s a good thing you wrote that!!

The wedding gift? INCREDIBLE.

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