Creative Every Day: March 24th – March 30th

March 24th, 2008

CED2008 participants! Feel free to leave a comment here with a link to post(s) about your creative activities during the week of 3/24/08 -3/30/08.

Happy creating!

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I’ve been keeping busy with soldering. I finally (mostly) successfully finished a soldered glass charm!

here is an illuminated tile I have been working on. I have only put up two — just taking my time putting them up.

cyber-chum tammy vitale tells me she is unable to access my site past feb 13; if you are unable to do the same can you drop me an email so I can throttle (errrrr… fix) my blog application so you too “can see me now”?


Last week I designed a card for a contest. I worked on more card ideas this past weekend.
In the spirit of optimism, I went to a bead show & bought beads today. (I have taken a long break from making jewelry because of tendonitis in my hands, but they are getting better.)
I also had a dinner date with a fellow artist tonight.

Some times a new inspiration is an old idea, and it can give you a whole new perspective. I am not that interested in still life, but I followed my past college professors’ advice to imitate the masters in order to learn, so last week I gave it a try. I really did learn something new and the exercise was quite freeing. I worked on massive or blocking-in as demonstrated in The Pastel Book by Bill Creevy. Do you ever imitate those artist whose work you admire?

A little painting, a little creative writing.

Thanks Leah,

Would tile setting be a creative venture? That is what my husband is working on and scroll down and you will see what I did to my Pottery Barn catalog!…my mind is still wrapped around it.

Question on Simplifying and still being able to do creative thing’s? Just click my name and it will take you to it.

Well, I decided this week that the way to counter my feelings of scarcity and fear was to be more generous and give abundantly myself. So I posted a “freebies” category in my blog — and in combination with the Inspire Me Thursday theme of “wallpaper”, I finally created free desktop wallpapers of a couple of the Mother Henna images!! I have wanted to do that for sooooooooo long. Posted at:

My plan for the rest of this week is to look at art and writing I have that could be made available for free for fun and learning. And to look at creating some new things with this idea in mind, too. I’d especially like to create a couple of “how-to” zines in pdf format about various techniques and stuff… So we’ll see!


Well, I’ve been doing a little something. Not nearly enough though.

Spring Fling! Cleaning Up Clearing Out!

Mother&Child I am working on. Still Spring cleaning.

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