Creative Every Day 2008

March 30th, 2008


I regularly add new blogs to the list of Creative Every Day 2008 participants and we've just crossed over to over 200 participants! Wow! Such an amazing community has built up around this idea of being creative every day. One of our newest participants, Jay, mentioned in an email that it seems odd how we sometimes need encouragement, when being creative can be such a therapeutic thing. I wrote back that it is a strange, but true phenomenon. It seems to happen with many things that are therapeutic or feel great once we get started. I wrote, "Perhaps we think that our creativity isn't important enough or we're afraid of making something "bad", but deep down we know that it is important and that we don't want to let fear hold us back, so we find ways to keep going, including finding encouragement and support. That's my theory anyway! :-) " So that's why I think the Creative Every Day idea has taken off. It's been nearly 3 months since we got started and I want this community to continue being helpful and inspiring, so I'm going to list off a few reminders about the challenge in case you're new to the blog or could just use a refresher. And then I'd also be open to any suggestions you have for the challenge, what you'd like to be different if anything or what's working for you. I like how the challenge is low key and open to anyone and everyone no matter how they choose to post about it and/or how they choose to express their creativity. And I've loved being introduced to so many new and wonderful creative bloggers out in the world!

Ok, so for the reminders...

  • You can still join in! This is a year-long challenge, but if any one finds the blog later in the year or changes their mind and wants to join in, just leave me a comment or send an email and I'll add your blog to the list in the sidebar.
  • All the details about the challenge along with tips about posting the badge on your blog can be found on this page (which you can also get to by clicking on the Creative Every Day 2008 badge in the sidebar on the right.)
  • Every week (on Monday) I put up a post where you can leave a comment with links to your blog posts about what you've been up to creatively or you can just write what you've been up to in the comments. It's not required that you comment on this post. It's up to you!
  • There's also a Flickr group where you can post pictures of the creative activities you've done. Again, this isn't required, but it's a great option. Signing up with Flickr is free and even if you don't use the group to post your pictures, definitely take a peek and see what people have been posting! There is a great variety and loads of inspiration to see!
  • There's no need to beat yourself up (or apologize) about anything to do with this challenge. No matter how much  you've been creative or how much you've posted, it's no matter. Guilt is unnecessary here! :-) Do what you can, what feels right. The idea behind the challenge is to inspire more creativity in our every day lives. And when we are more aware of the creativity we put into so many things we do, we can see how all these creative moments add up to a wonderfully creative life!
  • There are loads of ways to be creative. Get creative about your creativity! :-)

And one somewhat unrelated reminder. I will be out of town for a week starting Tuesday the 1st. I'll have my laptop, so I'll be reachable, but I won't be on the computer quite as much.

And p.s., if your name should be on the participant list and isn't there yet or if you haven't heard back from me with a question, pop me a reminder email as I can sometimes be a little scattered! :-)

Some fun art pics later on, in the meantime, have a wonderful Sunday!

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Leah, I’m not on your side bar for Creative Everyday for 2008. Please add me. Thanks. Lynn

I also have now as well.

“we think that our creativity isn’t important enough or we’re afraid of making something “bad”, but deep down we know that it is important and that we don’t want to let fear hold us back”
that’s so true…. do you know what i could do to unblock myself? i feel that my school work has killed my creativity. sad and frustrating :/

and thank you for this site, i love reading your posts everyday :)

i’m getting in late to the creative everyday 2008! love your site…please include me!

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