Fun on a Gray Day

March 28th, 2008

I had the funniest bit of synchronicity yesterday. I was doodling on a scrap of paper and started drawing a series of owls. As I drew, I got an email saying that a piece had sold off my website. I went to go see what it was and hehe, it was the Purple Owl painting! I packed it up this morning and sent it off. I had grown a little attached to that piece, so I was a little sad to see it go, but since I was already drawing more owls, I suppose, I'll be painting some more. I'm feeling the urge to paint BIG and teeny tiny. Go figure. There was a fun bit of synchronicity for the person who bought the owl painting too, a neat way in which she found my art. And oh my, I love when that happens.

I had picked today to drive up to Nahcotta to pick up the art pieces that didn't sell in the last show. I'll be putting those Subway Stories pieces up on my website for sale shortly. Of course, I paid no attention to the weather reports this week (I never do. I like to be surprised I guess. heh) and so I ended up making the drive north in a little snow storm. Doh! It ended up being fine. And by the time I got up to Portsmouth, the snow had stopped and I puddle-jumped my way to the gallery. I got to see Deb, which is always a treat, I stopped in a shoe store briefly and then hopped right back in my car. The streets were too slushy for walking around, but that was fine since I wanted to get home before the early rush hour of Friday afternoon. The ride home was a breeze and I enjoyed singing loudly with the radio and some car dancing. :-)

Last night, I was thinking about Artfest and the trades people do there. I've never made a traditional artist trading card in the proper size and such, but I'd read that people use playing cards as the base sometimes and so I pulled out a deck and started painting and collaging on some for fun. I may do some to bring to Artfest, but some of them, I just want to stick on my wall. I love the little snow owl and the chair with snails. Along the top are some random papers, a couple old prints and a gelatin print that I glued onto the cards and cut to size. They'll make a great background for further collage or paint or drawing. I can see why these get addictive. They're so satisfying to hold, such a great size, they truly do feel like trading cards or some kind of art game, and they're quick and easy to make...and if you screw one up, who cares! I did a quick search on ACEO's (artist cards editions and originals), which I think are the same as ATC's (Artist trading cards), and found this neat site of etsy artists that sell ACEO's. So many fun ways to approach these.

I've also done another drawing of Red Riding Hood and now I'm feeling more ready to do it up bigger. I hope your weekend is a wonderfully creative one!

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Hi Leah,
Lucky buyer who got your sweet owl ! Sounds like you’re really in sync with the muses right now ! So cool when that happens. I always think it is a sign that I am doing just the right thing for myself when the universe plays along with me. I had a snow day from school here in Southern NH thanks to the little storm you passed through on your drive. So fun to get a bonus play day. May your weekend be filled with more magical moments !

How cool that you without even knowing it were replacing the owl sold! In a way, if you choose to look at it that way…Loved the purple colors in that painting.
The cards are cute and fun too. And idea of something to make with young children I think. Laying out the pieces and letting them build them up layer by layer. Then they can trade with each other, share or keep them as they see fit. Thanks for the great idea.

I’d like to join CED!

I’d like to join in the CED 08 challenge. I found you through 37 days. Hopefully it’s not too late to join in the fun!

Now that’s one of the best sorts of synchronicities – brilliant! And I love that purple owl too.

My little red riding hood synchronicities have moved to lots around wolves… I like the way you’ve done the wolf in your drawing!

As always your energy and enthusiasm lift up my day and my spirits. My mother loved owls – this purple one made me think of her, how much she would have enjoyed it. Brought warm feelings. Thanks!

I liked the Red Riding Hood, esp the swirly trees and smoke. Cool. I would like to learn how to do the ACEO trading cards too. I know Janet does them alot.

leah, i just love you. you inspire me every time i come here to visit. you make me want to start defacing playing cards! actually, jamie and melba inspired me to want to make vision cards. wouldn’t it be cool to do them on playing cards?! :) oooh, i love this domino effect of inspiration! and whoever bought your owl is lucky indeed.

I got a lovely surprise in the mail from you today. Talk about synchronicities.. You showed five cards a couple weeks ago to be sent to the first five who commented on your 200th post I was number one & you sent me the card you did I liked the best without my ever saying a thing to you. Amazing.
Thanks Leah. I love it. I posted it on my blog today too. :)
Cris in Oregon

i love owls, they are soo soulful. also like the peacock you sent to cris.

Ohhhh these look so great! Maybe we should all do a swap? I’ve never done them either but they look like a blast.

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