In the Garden and some Love and Light

March 12th, 2008

I was thinking about Illustration Friday's theme of "Garden" when I sketched out the idea for this piece, "In the Garden", which is 8"x10" with rice paper, acrylic, and colored pencil on panel. I used damp rice paper that I had wrinkled up into a ball, then unfolded and glued to the panel to make interesting texture. I let that dry overnight and then started into it with layers of paint and colored pencil. I think I was also influenced by Eckhart Tolle's book "A New Earth" (see my sidebar for a link) which is helping me reconnect with my body and everyday moments. I've listened to the first two webcasts on the book and I'm enjoying the dialog. The discussion makes the information sink in a bit more and clarifies a lot of the muddy areas.

My poor laptop is in the computer hospital and hopefully it will return soon. In the meantime, I'm using my old iMac which is really slow and I'm unable to upload the pictures from my camera for some odd reason, but thankfully, it works, so I can still check my email even though I'm not on the computer quite as much without the laptop (which maybe is a good thing!)

I do have a minor build-up of linkage to share!!

- Design*Sponge held a DIY contest and the 20 finalists are now on display. There are some super cool projects to see! I think my favorite is the tree mural with the painting of the owl with glow-in-the-dark eyes. But I have a thing for trees and owls, so there you go.

- The hubster sent me the link to this story today about a super cool dolphin that saved 2 whales who were stranded on a beach in New Zealand. It's nice to read some good news type stories isn't it?

- Speaking of good news types of stories, if you haven't heard of hopeREVO yet, definitely check it out. The idea, started by Krystyn Heide, is to leave messages of hope in public places. Love that. There's a flickr group for this movement here. The idea reminds me a bit of the guerilla art of Keri Smith and the found art project (Found Art Tuesday) that Rosa Murillo runs.

- Lia of Art Junk Girl recorded her first live blog radio show today, all about art journaling. I didn't hear about it in time to listen live, but you can listen to it anytime here. I think Lia plans to make this a regular thing. Way to go, Lia. I really enjoyed your first show!

I feel spring in the air (and in my step.) How bout you?

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I love the art work – and really like to see the lotus on the crown chakra! Its a great one for garden.

BTW I’ve written up the “internal gestures” I’d mentioned previously.

Great work! Love all your artworks here! You are great artist for me! Deep respect!

Love this piece, Leah, love it! Your work is getting better and better all the time, very spiritual and exeptionally exquisite.

Much love to you.

LOVE that piece. I can see a lot of texture in it that makes me want to reach out and touch! Too bad the web isn’t more of a tactile experience. :)

My laptop is sick, too. Unfortunately, the diagnosis is terminal. But I get a new iMac! Yay! But I have to pay for it. Boo…

The technique of the crinkled paper on top of the panel sounds very cool! I love using rice paper as an element in paintings – it has an absorbent effect that’s lovely. This painting is meditative and full of life at the same time. the vines show growth and the lotus flower brings it all to another level. Beautiful piece, leah!

I really appreciate and indentify with your work because of the images and the themes. I have been working with female images and landscape too, but I have so far been unable to express myself with the freedom with which you do. Your work inspires me to continue to strive to use my imagination.

A friend sent me the same story about that dolphin. I LOVED THAT! What a wonderful, HAPPY news story, for a change. Isn’t the world of animals just absolutely amazing? I can’t get over how good and wonderful and remarkable animals are. Love it.


Karen Beth :)

Hi Leah,
This piece is so beautiful. Very spiritual and serene. I love it!

Pretty. I love the leaves you’ve drawn into her body. She seems at peace with the earth.
I went to see the article on the dolphin and the video. Very uplifting. I love the way she plays with the people on the beach after. What a lovely little personality!

She doesn’t stop at the green thumb! Lovely.

yep – spring is on its way – noticed this a.m. out walking dogs that even tho the air was still chilly, the sun coming up was having a definite impact on the air – and I was out without a coat which means the cold wasn’t that cold. LOVE this time of year!
Your picture makes me want to sit and meditate. Very peaceful (and I always think blue has something to do with that too, it’s such a calming color).

I completely agree with the other comments: Calm, serene, beauty….Terrific!
I love how you built up the layers. I’ve use crumpled tissue paper for texture but not rice paper. very nice

So many talented people participate in IF, I was a bit nervous to join. I’m glad I did. Thanx for commenting on my blog

Gorgeous art with the rice paper! I bet it is beautiful :) What a unique way to add texture! Great job.

This is beautiful, Leah!
I’m reading the book as well – re-reading it actually – there is so much food for thought in it, and I’m finding things I missed the first time around.
I love the idea of leaving messages of hope around – I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for all the new links to follow~XOX

I love this, it’s so full of feeling:)

Leah – An unschooling friend started the Good News Network, and it’s one of my favorite sites. You can sign up to receive a weekly newsletter with the top 10 good news stories of the week.

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