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March 20th, 2008

I'm working away on some inkblots and prepping for the art lesson on Saturday. In the meantime, I'd love to share some inspiration with you! Oh, and speaking of inkblots, Tammy asked about the medium used to create them and she was right on. They're actually made with acrylic paint. So I suppose I should be calling them paintblots! :-) I loved reading what you saw in the inkblot/paintblot by the way! So great! I'm working on that one too, so soon you'll see what I saw! Now, on the the inspiration!

-I loved this Craftcast podcast with Christine Kane. I mention Christine's blog posts a lot on this blog because she always has such great inspiration to share. I loved hearing the interview with her and how she described creativity as something that can be found anywhere and everywhere. I couldn't agree more!

-I'm sure many of you have heard about Michelle Ward's GPP Street Team challenges. If not, do check them out! Michelle has such great style and energy. You can't leave her site without some inspiration. The latest challenge is about creating your own stamps. I did this last month and it was so fun! Be sure to check out the list of participants of this latest challenge to see some fabulous stamps such as Kim's and Kathy's! And speaking of stamps, I totally loved this foam stamp tutorial from Bridget of The Matchbook Blog.

- Claudine Hellmuth has a great video tutorial on her blog about doing transfers. I especially like the look on metallic paint!

- For some business inspiration, be sure to check out the blog, The Boss of You, which is all about women run businesses. The authors of this blog have a book coming out by the same name and you can now download (for free) the intro and first chapter. The first chapter has some great exercises about determining your business goals, your personal measure of success, and your strengths and weaknesses. I found it to be very helpful and I'll definitely be checking out the book when it comes out.

- For some business inspiration with an art twist, check out this site which has some great articles about getting your art out there.

- For some inspiration in the kitchen, check out this delicious smashed potato recipe. Super simple, super delicious. And they were a big hit with the hubster too, which is something cause he's definitely the better cook in the relationship. :-)

- Lastly, check out the amazing student work from Judy Wise's encaustic classes with high school students! Wowzers. Great stuff!

Hope you found some inspiration here!

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Thanks for all of the inspirational links..this will keep me busy thru the weekend!

Thanks for the links Leah, especially the link. Very helpful.

thanx for the inspiration! and the comments… :)

oops this is the right blog address… :)

Hi Leah !
Thanks so much for linking my brand new baby blog as an inspiration for the Cut It Out Challenge ! You are my first !! It made me so excited and flattered! What a great welcome to Blog land !Have a great weekend.

I looked at the student work and I really liked what I saw!

Great links, Leah. I’ve been absorbed in them for most of the morning! I really enjoyed the student’s encaustic work. Awesome!!

Hey, there! Thanks so much for the link – and I was totally blown away by the student work Judy Wise shared – WOW!! I’ve also become a podcast fiend, so thanks for the heads up on the next one I need to download. Maybe this week I’ll actually get around to sharing in the “Creative Every Day” weekly share post!

hi there! thanks for the linkage!!!

Those business links look great. I’m checking them out right now. You should check out Some of the stuff’s old, but it’s still great advice. It helped me alot with my business plan and some marketing ideas.

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