Intuition in Art

March 26th, 2008


I've had a busy couple days with not much time for posting. Yesterday was the hubster's birthday. He's the man who doesn't really need anything (if he wants a new toy, he'll get it for himself), so I did some things at home for him (like 20 pounds of laundry) and re-organizing his bureau which took an entire day to accomplish! He was super happy with the gift though, so I'm very glad I did it. We went out to dinner last night at a little fancy place nearby which was nice too. On Monday I delivered the wedding gift to my best friend (and she loved it, phew!) and I got to hang out with her and her lil baby girl who can now pull herself up to standing all by herself. She's adorable. While the baby napped, best friend and I embellished some small metal boxes (mine was an old chocolate box and hers was an altoids tin.) I snapped a pic of the outside (above) and inside (below).


I'm feeling soo sleepy this week. Not sure what that's about! I'm loving the sunny weather we've been having. Not quite warm enough to be outside without a coat, but warm enough for just a sweater or spring jacket and the moon roof open in my car! :-)


Creativity in the past few days has been mainly in my art journal. I had the coolest synchronicity experience when I drew a little sketch (started a swirly doodle and then intuitively created from it) which became a woman in a forest with a cape (like Red Riding Hood) and a cabin below. Out of the chimney the smoke is curling and there's a shape resembling a wolf which I thought of as her intuition giving her a signal. (The original sketch is above.) A little later that night, I clicked over to Elena's blog and she had written about the book, Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, with quotes that talked about women, wolves and intuition. It gave me shivers reading it! I own a copy that I haven't looked at in awhile, so I picked it up that night and opened to a page where I'd underlined, "Intuition is the treasure of a woman's psyche."


Yesterday I saw that Melba was looking for some reading about intuition and while this isn't only about intuition it covers the topic quite a bit! Anyways, I've been drawing the image in my art journal (above and below) and I'm not quite satisfied with it. I want to express it in some other way and I just haven't figured that part out yet. I think I want to make it bigger.

And now some links to share!

- I thought this TED video was fascinating. It's about a woman scientist sharing her stroke experience. Her telling of the right-brain and left-brain phenomena, ties in so well with the things I've been reading about meditation and connecting with the body in books like A New Earth. The right brain experience she talks about is something I come close to when making art. It's that space that has no language that thinks in pictures that goes by the gut instead of the head, intuitive art-making. 

- Bridget of The Matchbook blog has filmed a couple segments for a local new show doing art demos. I loved this one about making jewelry out of bicycle inner tubing!

- There is a wonderful rising of support around a blogger named Jenni who is dying of colon cancer. A fund-raising auction is being done in her name to help with medical costs and such and the organizers are looking for items to be donated for the auction and also money donations. Go here for more info.

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I was just thinking of you today, desiring some of your art. So glad for this entry.

I’m currently being haunted by Little Red Riding Hood

Thanks for the link to the Jill Taylor talk. Wow! She affirms for me the place where the science of psychology (which I studied, reluctantly accepting the “science” bit at first) truly meets spirituality and creativity.

Thanks, too, for spreading the word about Jenni.

I love those Red riding Hood drawings. Great!

I was looking at these sketches on Flickr and clicked on over here. Don’t you just love it when the universerse throws those synchronicities your way. Always gives me pause.
Anywhoo, your tins are super cute and glad your friend liked the gift…really though, how could she not! It was so beautiful.
Hope your not getting sick again…rest, rest.

That spread in your sketchbook / journal is SO beautiful! I love the girl to the left. Just amazing… :)

I love the doodle drawing and the story ! I love those moments where you feel connected to some bigger picture, don’t you ? The tins are fun ! I haven’t had much play time with friends these days (at least not in person !) so I feel jealous of your sweet time with your friend. I am making a play time wish for myself !
Take care, Kim

I just had to tell you how much I love your blog. You are so creative. I’m 12 and I have a business making handmade jewelry. I just started a site on ETSY and a blog about my work. I’m always looking for inspiration and I always find it here. Cambria

i have tried altering those little containers and all mine look like are dirty; melted wax all over one; it looked waxy and dirty. sigh. yours is perfect. what kind of glue do you use to get things to stay put?

Your blog is so inspiring and I love your journal entries :) I’m not an impulse buyer at all, but I’ve just gone and ordered that book from Amazon – can’t wait!

I love your intuitive drawing and all the conections you made with it.

Hey, there Leah! Thanks for the link! I can’t wait to meet you live and in person at Artfest . . . those inkblots are really wonderful, as is the Little Red Riding Hood sketch . . . I also bought that Acrylic Revolution book – super fun!!

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