Lovin’ Those Inkblots!

March 17th, 2008

Here are more inkblots turned into art in my small hand book journal. It was fun to take some already done inkblots in my pocket book sized journal along with a baggie of colored pencils and pens and then when time allowed, I was able to pull the journal out and work on them. And oh boy, I just had so much fun with it!!

This first one became a wild a crazy circus! And the next became two people. I think I'll have to do some more or some variation on this kind of art.

The weekend was fun and very full. Spring's lighter days are already giving me more energy. I'm going to watch the New Earth webcast now. I have to say that I watched Oprah's Big Give and I was so disappointed with the results of the show. I won't watch it again. Ah well, less t.v. is probably better for me. Hope your weekend was a wonderfully creative one!

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so cool!!!

I didn’t watch The Big Give. I get increasingly disenchanted with Oprah.

Love these inkblots, first one especially. So beautiful!

I think I may well have to have a go with these ink blots! They look like fun.

(And I’ve never watched Oprah in my life… I try to avoid TV as much as possible though still see some)

I love your ink blot work. Your little journals are going to be works of art in themselves. I am going to be going to India for a month, and I love the idea of taking a small journals, pens, ink, and colored pencils along to keep me creating. I actually have many handmade book that I made, which I take with me and fill with small pieces of art.

Your ink blot art looks like such fun. The circus is my favorite, so far. I might just have to try this!

I’m not impressed with The Big Give but I am enjoying the online classes with Eckhart. He just exudes peacefulness and calm.

These inkblot drawings are really wonderful. I don’t know how you managed to see those images in the ink, which seems quite minimal, and doesn’t give you much to work with at all.

Beautiful work, Leah! I LOVE this idea…I always have a problem with being afraid to mess up my art. I love these inkblots because it completely takes that out of the picture. At the risk of sounding like a cheesy clothing commercial…art is fun again! Hehe.

These are SO creative and so much fun to look at too!

Ooooh. Those pictures are purdy!


These inkblots are such potent creative seeds for you! The bottom one with the blue shadows around the eyes is especially cool!

I really like the second one for the inkblot paintings. With the flow of the hair, the two people seem truly connected to one another, as their hair melds as if they are one. Fabulous work.

These are really lovely! Keep blotting…

Hi Leah!
Happy almost spring. I enjoy all your new creativity each day.
I didn’t watch the Big Give, because it finally put me over the tipping point of too much Oprah. I need a break.

Lovin’ these…You are really good and creating images out of them!
Oh and I forgot to mention up top that I saw birds in your inkblot.

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