More Leaping!

March 3rd, 2008

I loved that this was the theme for both Illustration Friday and Inspire Me Thursday was "Leap" this week. I find it to be an inspiring word and I knew I had to do some art with it. It's been ages since I've done one of these challenges and it felt good to be inspired to join in them this week. I also really liked Inspire Me Thursday's art calendar challenge this week. Very cool idea!

I made the above piece with acrylic paint on watercolor paper. More houses, I know, I'm really stuck on the house imagery right now. I've got two other pieces started with houses in them too. Even the birthday card I bought for my mom referenced home. Certain symbols come and go and I like to just follow where it leads me. These symbols usually have something to tell me about what's going on under the surface. This is what I love about making art.

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I really, really like this, Leah :) Sacred Sunday Blessings, O

this painting reminds me “wizard of oz”. i like it.

gorgeous painting – really magical. Thanks for your comment and also for introducing me to ‘inspire me thursday’

I really dig the socks.

Wow that’s quite some leap! I love the houses at the bottom to show just how high she’s got!

This is so cute…just love the little dress and sockings. Bonnie

Oh, I love this! I doodled some leaping in my journal and posted it – a little bit of synchronicity (though I guess it’s not that much of a surprise since it was leap day on Friday – but I didn’t even read this week’s IF prompt yet). I love your leaping lady~xOx

I love your illo, especially the socks.

Love this…

Love it! Love the shoes, the socks, the colors… love everything!

I love your style. Great colors and textures here!

I love this site and the idea of it. The art work is wonderful. I would like to be put on the list, however, i won’t be able to participate with daily creativity until the stress at my work lightens up a little.

I love this. Only the feet, which is the best way to take a leap without the head getting in the way. Great artwork too!

Oh, I LOVE this! Great socks–wish I could find some like that!


By recognizing your symbols and allowing them to keep resurfacing, you are letting your muse speak her true words :) Very nice piece!

This is really sweet. I love the socks too.

this is pretty! reminds me of wendy flying off to neverland

love your painting! So fun to have a new place to visit!

This is so fun! I love it too.

Thank you for visiting my little blog, Leah! :heart:

I do a lot of mixed media, but the illustrations I have on my blog are all half digital. I cheat, don’t tell. ;)

I think the lot of (n my case) stains, glue, glaze, paint on clothes belongs to the artist. I try to keep “cloths for art” and “cloths for wearing” apart, but then I wander into the studio for just a minute, get engrossed and messy in something and realize I’m in the wrong set of clothing. My response to that has been funky socks – I asked for them for Christmas and have a bunch now, more to come. My favorites as the “carefully mismatched” socks from Vermont. Same colors, same pattern mostly, different order of colors. Mine are called “blueberry.” I so understand this yearning for distinctive clothing! I now practice it for shows and going out where other artists are. Alas, at home, I pretty much stay in “artist cloths” which are mundanely jeans and t-shirts. Great post!

love this – lots of fun- i went with a similar idea, just feet

What a darling image! I love it!!!

Love this!! (And not just because my word for the year is LEAP!) ;) I didn’t even notice they were houses…at first glance, I thought it was a picket fence. A fence that (to my eyes) looked similar to the one bordering our house. Projection much?? ;)

love love love this image!!!

OH!! I want to leap that HIGH!
I feel the energy and the joy of this painting!!
Wonderful Leah…

I love it – full of action. The little details like the socks and pretty detail around the bottom of the skirt are fab. So glad you decided to take part this week. Loved seeing your illustration.

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