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March 5th, 2008

Just finished watching the Project Runway finale and I won't say who won in case you dvr-ed it, but I loved the runway show! Definitely the best one yet. So fun.

I've been stressing over taxes today and I'm downright exhausted. I took a nice break mid-day to get my body moving. I really need to bring exercise back into my daily life to help keep my mood up on gray days. And I totally strayed off that path. I need to make it enjoyable to get back on track, so today I used the fitness channel's lineup of programming to do a half hour of belly dancing and a half hour of yoga. Olivia has been doing a great series of short videos (vlogs) on depression recovery which you can check out on her blog. Sometimes you need to use creativity to figure out a way to get your body in motion!

Besides exercise, laughter is always important. I included this in my monthly newsletter yesterday, but it's totally good for a laugh, so I'll share it here too. It's a blog of bad MLS photos. It might be funnier to me because we've been casually looking at houses (mainly online) and even though prices have come down, it's still ridiculously expensive in the Northeast. Boo. Makes me want to move somewhere warmer and cheaper. By the way, you can sign up for my newsletter in the lower left corner of my website and be entered into a monthly drawing for a free print!)

Time for bed for me!

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How can I say this without spoiling it? LOL. OK. P.Runway finale – I was hoping that out of the two left standing in the game, that the other person would have won. Sigh. I can see that the winner has a creative/genius mind for fashion design, but.. I could actually see myself wearing something that the runner up created. It was a good season this time. Hope you are well. xo

The MLS bad photo link is great. Thanks!

Hi there, thanks for the link love to my photo blog. I appreciate it!


LOVED the PR outcome last night! I was so happy and excited and agreed totally with the winner! Wahoo! His line was just amazing… as always. :)

What a wonderful blog Olivia has! I had never seen it before but went there and watched some of the videos. It was perfect for me and such great timing, as you know. THANK YOU!

You are an angel. xo,

Karen Beth :)

Thanks for the link to Olivia, I’ll check that one out!

I knew it!! I figured with houses showing up in your artwork lately that it came from a nesting urge. The mls site was funny. We’re also casually looking. Perhaps the red jello house…

I’ll leave a comment here too, since I left one below but don’t know if you’d notice it. Anyway, I just found your wonderful blog and would like to sign up for the challenge. Looking forward to perusing your site a bit more when I get a few minutes. It looks quite nice here! :)

Maybe you need a happy luau too! That would be warm and sunny and get you moving! I will look at the mls photos as when we did buy our first and second/last house we looked at so many photos i was exhausted and a real estate agent does not make a photographer. Good luck!

You wanna know what I love most about this season of Project Runway? They were all so wonderfully SUPPORTIVE of each other. I mean, in past contests there was a lot of competitiveness and sometimes a fair amount of viciousness too. But these guys honestly cared about each other. What a great group. I wish more reality tv could be like that. Who knows…maybe they will start a trend? ;)

love you!

OHMYGOD…ROFL!!! re those bad MLS photos. March 5th…Portland’s St. John’s Bridge! :)

hmmm – I just got this in my inbox today (3/17) (and realize I have nothing green on!)….anyways, I love house shopping. Not to buy, just to look. Husband shares this hobby and we end up looking a lot of different places – a lot last year when we actually had our house on the market – as bad for sellers as buyers, this market. At least folks are looking at our cottage this year (no bites, but looks is better than last year). I am grateful that we’ve had our properties 15 and 9 years respectively because there is no way we could afford even the house we live in now, much less the cottage (although we got that at a bargain when we bought it – waterfront comes pretty dear and it’s quirky – which probably explains lookers and not takers, despite all the work we’ve done to it. Anyways, the value, as they say, is in the land.)

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