What Do You See Now?

March 21st, 2008

I pulled into the driveway after a quickie trip to the store and was struck by something...I had to take a picture. Do you see it?

Not yet? How about now?

Yeah, this tree was looking at me! Now, I've always felt like trees had unique personalities and I've seen some faces before in their curled limbs and bark. But this one is so distinct to me. He looks wise...and a bit grumpy! :-)

It's crazy cold and windy today, but it's also sunny which is nice. The cold season is far too long in New England for my taste, but then again, time goes by so much quicker now, that before you know it it's summer again! The hubster and I both feel our heartstrings being pulled towards the Pacific Northwest, Portland and Seattle in particular. We traveled out there last year and both felt a sense of connection that we've never felt any other place. I think we'd have a great time out there. And then we both feel the loads of guilt about how our parents would feel. Who knows. For now, the hubster's job requires that we stay put and we will.

Some random loves today:

-This Lotta Jansdotter fabric that I would love to cover a comfy chair in.
-This print by Matte Stephens
-The kick-ass studio space seen on PoppyTalk (I could never be that neat, but it sure does look lovely!)

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I totally saw it as soon as I looked at the picture. I love, love, love me some trees!

i saw it immediately!
it’s sunny and warm(ish) in seattle today…come on out!!!!

wow! That is too freaky — I’m always seeing faces in things to, but that’s a great one.

I’d name him “One eyed Willie”.

What an amazing tree! A very wise old spirit, I think.

I feel strongly about West Cornwall, the Isle of Skye and Venice, Italy. They are my soul homes. But if I lived in either, I’d stop seeing them with the eyes I see them with now, so can enjoy my visits (all too rare) all the more. And I do love where I live, too.

I have been stuck on trees lately, and I just finished another series of trees, but I have really wanted to illustrate a dream I had about a tree that was mine. I had this dream many years ago. I was thinking about this just this morning when I woke up. How very interesting and a bit strange for me to see your picture of a tree. I love how synchronicity works. Thank you so much.

Wow, what a cool lookin’ tree. The face does look a little grumpy but also like he might tell you something.

Good luck with your choices on moving. Portland is wonderful but I had to adjust to all the rain in the winter. I understand the guilt of leaving family behind, all of mine are in texas but when i first moved they were awesome about sending me care packaged and letters. Four years later, i’m lucky if i get an email ;-)

I love the tree! I am always look for trees with things on them or in them such as this & have posted them on my blog quoth the rav. I love how your ink blots turned out. They remind me of colorful ravens. I posted my Ink Blots on my blog. Happy Easter!

Awesome Face!
Thanks for stopping by!

Have a Very Blessed Easter!!!

He’s beautiful! What a wise, old face.

Hi again. I read your comment on my blog for my “Have You Seen Me?” post. I commented back to you and Janet there, but I wanted to thank you for your comments. I loved it when you said it was an owl where I was calling it a birdie. I had not thought of that. Then you mentioned “in a forest” which is ironically funny since I had a dream about being in a forest last night. Then the synchronicity of your trees here. It is simply amazing how our lives intertwine and weave a pattern; how our artistic lives are similar.

Yes sireeeee, there it is a face with one eye peaking at you.

Yes ! I saw the face immediately, but how perceptive of you to see it in passing (photography makes it so much easier) and how cool that you had your camera with you! I’ve started carrying mine more but haven’t found anything like this!. Wandered over to see the studio space you mention and fell seriously in love with the porch swing in the bedroom idea. I love porchswings and have never had one of my own. Perhaps now that I am 60 I will get a round tuit and have one. =] Loved your birthday phone call! Thank you so much for thinking of me! xo

That is just too cool! I saw the face right away!

I see it! And I love Lotta Jansdotter’s style..so beautiful. I’ll have to check that out sometime soon. Hope you are well..I haven’t had a chance to check websites as often as I’d like..but I think of you. I’m doing well these days. xo Amy

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