A Studio in Progress

April 16th, 2008

The last couple days the spring cleaning bug hit my studio. Wee! I decided to get rid of some of my old crappy plastic drawer units, in which I stored paint and all manner of odds and ends, that were falling apart and replace them with sturdier pieces. The hubster had a small bookshelf that he was throwing out and I found an ikea rolling cart (above) that I've had my eye on on craigslist for half the price (and I so love it!).

Granted, I still have *a lot* of work to do for this space to come together, but it's already feeling more open and inspiring. I rearranged the furniture, so my desk is closer to the window and the center of the room is more open. Ahh, a change as simple as that can make such a difference. I'm totally enjoying my space again. Above you can see part of my bookshelf (which was all organized until I started moving things around again, but it's getting there), my desk, and my inspiration area (it's crept off the inspiration board onto the wall.) Below you can see my mega scanner and the where the light comes in.

The hubster and I are in a bit of weird limbo as to when we'll buy a house, so it's been hard to know how much we wanted to fix up a space that wasn't ours. But I think we've both been feeling that our space, while not our own, can be fixed up a bit to make it a more pleasant place to live. Just a little shift in thinking made a big difference there.

Oh, and I wanted to mention that I everyone at Artfest was super nice! I didn't want anyone to get the wrong impression from my post. My ugly feelings were all my own doing...it stemmed from all those insecurities that can pop up in large groups and such that can throw you for a massive loop. Plus, I just hadn't prepared myself for the intensity of the experience, the sense of overwhelm, and the exhaustion I'd feel. But, on a good note, I did come home full to the brim with inspiration and now that I'm getting my energy back, I can start to put that into practice. Speaking of retreats, this one with Kelly Rae Roberts and Mati Rose in Italy sounds amazing!

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Hi Leah ! Thanks for sharing your creative space. I love seeing glimpses into people’s homes. Looks like you have some great “toys” – I have scanner envy ! That room must be really nice in the daylight with those two large windows. I love the colors in the swirly piece that hangs between the two.
Glad your energy is back on the upswing. I am so enjoying seeing all your inspiration come into creation !
Take care,

wow what a great studio – you do have a great space to play in!

And on the owning one’s own stuff… I read your sentence as “I just hadn’t prepared myself for the insanity of the experience”

Hi Leah, I know what you mean about apartment limbo. After two years in this apartment I finally started redecorating and I feel so much more grounded and relieved. I’m doing the studio spring cleaning thing too. I find when my studio’s looking good I produce much better.

Your studio rocks. Love the big windows and the molding around them, all of your art goodies, the art on the walls…oh I could spend A LOT of time in there. Good for you getting organzied. It feels good when you do it.

as someone who has been trying to move her living space for over 2 years now (thank you very much all you “wise” folks who brought us the housing slump) I have decided to live in this one as if it will be forever until I don’t…which means I make it work for me now. Perhaps that isn’t the most financially wise, but it works for my heart.

Love your space. Love the work I see all over it. Makes me drool.

Hi Leah, I like your studio space. I love seeing how other artists put a studio together. I love in a 763sq. ft. one bedroom apartment. I am trying to find different ways to put a small art studio in my living room without it taking over the entire living room. Do you have any suggestions? thanks

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