Circles and Cycles

April 24th, 2008

Last night while unwinding on the couch, I felt like doodling, so I grabbed what was closest...a pencil and an old pink folder. I started to draw teeny circles which became a tree trunk and that made me want to draw it in ink. I went into my studio to see what I could draw this with and ended up grabbing a white gel pen and black paper. It was relaxing to draw all these little circles that made up the bark and the larger ones that made up the leaves. The black and white contrast makes me happy too. Earlier in the day, I did a bit of framing, some laundry, marinated some chicken and put it in the freezer and made dinner. All in all, a productive day.

I've got some major allergies goin on. I'm all clogged up which is making me feel super old. I've been saying "eh?" and/or "what?" whenever someone talks to me. Speak a little louder sonny, boy! But other than that, I'm in good spirits. Lil bro and I are walking the neighbor's dog a couple of times today while they're out and later we'll be going out to have a little painterly fun. The cats have taken a special liking to my little brother. It's so cute watching him cuddle up with them.

It feels so much like summer this week! Last night with the fan on in the bedroom, I couldn't help thinking about childhood summers. I fell asleep thinking about nights with the house fan on, red popsicle mouths, salt-crusted hair, water-logged ears, crickets and bare feet on pavement. Mmm.

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Ooooooh! *applause* Very striking!

I love this! I have a thing for trees and I love the way you put this one together!!!

I love this, it is very striking! Tree rings, ha.

Trees are just so very significant in art. I love the way you created yours here. The white of the gel with the black paper is so very striking! The circles add such an interesting, whimsical texture. Great job :)

Beautiful images! Like trees made of lace.

if only my doodles could look like that! ;)

I love the graphic nature of this drawing. It makes me think of a wheel tree. Like the branches are made of wheels from carts and cars and bicycles.

this gives new meaning to the term “going in circles.” beautiful and fun!

i envy you your “summer” weather…seattle continues to run at least 10 degrees behind “normal” and yesterday was so windy i had to curl up under two quilts and drink tea to get warm after being out for the afternoon!

LOVE the white on black! Really great!

I love this tree Leah! It is so cool. I don’t think it would have worked as well in reverse.

I love the way you craft your posts about your everyday. I can really feel and see you!

Love these circles, Leah! Some remind me of bike tires. The stars are great too.

Neat tree. The white on black is nice. It’s great when doodles turn into pieces of art.

What a magnificent tree, and that tiny bird! Love how it turned out on black Leah!

oh….i am with you on the allergies.
i love doodling like this and seeing
what transpires.

happy saturday!

Your tree is very beautiful, such detail! I need to try white gel pens…Roxanne

Love the white on black…great doodle, wonderful creation…love your summer memories too.

…loving the imagery of your words. Awwww, summer….
You know I love this sketch. A lot.

The white on black is awesome!

I love how a simple thought led to such beautiful work :)


oh … i especially love that tiny bird …..

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