Creating Space

April 17th, 2008

I just took all these purty pictures of the ranunculus flowers in my office and my camera batteries died, so I'll have to share them another time. I just love those flowers though. I got a bunch of them and bunch of yellow tulips. Very spring-tastic. Been drawing away in my art journal, I think I'll go for the canvas or panel soon. Perhaps this weekend. My little brother (we're 16 years apart, so he's only 15 years old!) will be staying with me from Sunday through Friday, so it should be an interesting week. My mom says he's really loved his art classes this year, so perhaps we'll do some art-making together!

In cleaning and clearing my studio space which is also my office and storage space here (we have slim to no closet space), I decided something had to be done about my wedding dress which has stayed in it's bag, folded on a shelf that it doesn't quite fit on (so the cats won't get to it) since my wedding in October. I have no place to store it and I actually thought I'd be selling it from the start. I know some people hang on to their dress in the hopes that a future daughter or family member will wear it or just as an heirloom, but I know from seeing my mom's wedding dress (from her second wedding) that the tastes of mothers and daughters are often quite different!

As much as I'd love to wear my wedding gown around for kicks (I mean, I've never felt so pretty as I did in that dress!), I can't really wear it anywhere else. Plus taking it out would only cover it in cat hair within three seconds. So, I'm going to sell it online. I need to get it cleaned and pressed and then hopefully send it out into the world to a bride who will love it as much as I did. At first when I made the decision to sell it, I felt a little sad, but I know it's the right move.

Andrea asked what I looked like today and you can see the fanciest I've ever looked in some wedding shots (and my super cool wedding cake) that I posted here. And eventually I'll put up some more current (and ordinary) pictures of me sometime soon. It feels good to let go of things that are mentally and literally taking up space. Ahh. 

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Leah, you are so beautiful! Congratulations on creating space in your life! Love, O xxoo

You look so beautiful!

beautiful pics, leah! you look lovely. good for you for having the courage to clean out some space. i need to do that as well. my grandmother made my wedding dress so i don’t think i could ever sell it, so maybe one of my girls will decide to wear it one day. if not, they’ll have to decide what to do with it once i’m gone!

You look absolutely beautiful in your wedding dress!

How about altering it? Make it into a short evening dress, using the jeweled hem to make an evening shawl. I knew someone who altered their wedding dress and wore it to annual holiday parties or other events requiring sparkle. No one realized it was a wedding dress, just thought it an absolutely fabulous party dress.

I can’t wait to see photos of the lovely ranunculus. You know they are my favorite. :)

Blissful and beautiful!

I know your wedding day is my birthday isn’t it… this year on your 1st wedding anniversary it will be my 50th birthday… just thinking that and that you have a 15 years old brother (albeit 16 years younger than you) is making me feel incredibly ancient!

How wonderful that your mother was still keen to have another child when you were 16 – I’m sure most 16 year olds make the mother question why she had children at all!!! You must have been a lovely teenager.

That is such a yummy pic of you and the hubs. So much love…(happy sigh).

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