Drawing on the Sea

April 21st, 2008

I've got my little brother here for the week, so it should be interesting to see what I'm able to get done. Today was pretty mellow, so there was a lot of relaxing going on and I spent some time drawing with my bro at the kitchen table. He drew a very cool tree (we must be related! :-) ) and I did another intuitive drawing in my art journal starting with a big scribble that I made with my eyes closed and then I drew what I saw in it.

More mermaids and whales, fish and snails. Swirly, curly doodles seem to lend themselves well to creatures of the sea.

Feel like you're in a slump? Alyson Stanfield shared 10 ways to break out of one in her newsletter today. Check them out here.

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Love this theme- beautiful drawing! The composition feels like movement under water: a little slower, graceful.

Enjoy having your little brother there. My little brother got engaged the night before last. I’m still in shock. Time really does fly…

Thanks for the mention! Is it Leah? Or is this a group blog? I don’t see a name anywhere. :(

You have just provided me with two great things: First, I was feeling in an art stump yesterday, and I thought, why not just dribble with my eyes closed and see where it takes me? I’m so glad to hear that that sort of art exercise is being used – and your result is beautiful and so captivating!!! Second, I have known of Alyson Stanfield for many years, and I’m so glad that she is still out there.

So thank you, tremendously, for sharing these things with us!

Great link! :) Loooooove your work, Leah!

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