Feeling Loopy

April 11th, 2008

Still recovering from the travel...feeling a bit zombie-ish the past few days. I spent today working on my art website newsletter and trying to catch up on some emails. Here's a drawing that I did on the plane ride home. I let my pen make some loopy swirls and curls and then I looked at the doodle to find images in it and brought them out. I saw a sea horse creature first and then the mermaid and then some seashells. It was a fun and relaxing way to pass the time on the plane. I actually really enjoy plane rides as they allow this certain enforced period of sitting still and doing quiet activities like reading, journaling, and drawing. The food could be better, but other than that I don't mind it one bit.

I have my second art lesson with a family tomorrow afternoon. We'll be doing some more mixed media work and I'm going to show them the basics of drawing faces. Should be fun. I need to summon up some more energy. The longer days and warmer weather of spring are helping. In the meantime, I hope your weekend is a wonderfully creative one!

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Thanks for sharing your doodling process. This is a really fun piece.
I don’t mind flying, either, but I don’t have to do it much. I usually take a book of crossword puzzles to pass the time.

What a beautiful drawing! I love all the curliques, your sinuous lines and, especially, that gorgeous mermaid. Yum!

that is lovely; if i were mid-flight; there would be zig zags and many a chaotic loop-ti-loop

Welcome home. Glad the trip was safe and you’re resting up….love the twirly swirls. My 2nd pug, Gracie, does twirls when she comes intide because it’s treat time. That’s what this reminds me of. =]

What a creative way to spend airtime. I’ll have to try that myself on my next flight. I can imagine how your mind must be filled to the brim with new ideas and techniques from the Artfest – I just spent one day, yesterday, at an art class and I left glassy eyed with information and ideas!

Now to go and clean up my art space and make space for creativity..

I hope you had a great time. I love plane rides – never thought I’d actually say that! It’s good that you got some drawing time in. xo

Hey dear one… I’ve been a bit out of the blog loop lately and have MISSED YOU! That doodle you did on the plane is amazing. Do you know what my plane doodle would look like? Not nearly as wonderful as that, I’ll assure you! Love to you, always! xo… KB :)

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